Kameoka Diaries 2: NOW AVAILABLE!

The Kameoka Diaries: Volume Twois available for purchase for a buck RIGHT NOW! YOWZA!

For iPhone/iPad/iPod touch:
The Kameoka Diaries: Volume Two is available on the iBookstore for only 99-cents:

For Android/PC/Mac/Whatever:
The Kameoka Diaries: Volume Two is available as a DRM-free PDF for $1 (or more):


When I submitted my first e-comics to Apple, ( The Kameoka Diaries: Volume One and Young Men of a Certain Mind ) it took one month for them to get approved, so I’m surprised & delighted it only took two days this time. But hey, I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth!

I’ll write more about the new volume of The Kameoka Diaries soon; I just wanted to get this announcement blog entry out right-away.

So please check it out. And if you enjoy it, please consider writing a review on iBooks, and/or telling your friends, and/or tweeting about it, and/or “liking” it on Facebook. Thanks a bunch!

***8/9/12 UPDATE****

As I type these words, The Kameoka Diaries: Volume Two is the #1 selling comic on iBooks! Thanks all!!


Kameoka Diaries 2nd Bestselling Comic in the iBookstore Right Now!

Right now as I type these words, The Kameoka Diaries [ Direct iBookstore Link ] is the second bestselling comic in the iBookstore, and Young Men of a Certain Mind [ Direct iBookstore Link ] is in the top ten! For one brief, glorious moment, one of my books is outselling all those Walking Dead graphic novels that seem to have a stranglehold on the Top Ten. Yippie!

The reason for the bump is because Mark Frauenfelder was kind enough to mention my books over on the ever-wonderful Boing Boing website. Coincidentally, the Boing Boing post went up on my birthday, and I couldn’t have asked for a better present!

Yup, couldn’t have asked for a better present… except perhaps for this, a performance recorded for my birthday by two dear friends here in Kameoka:

The performers are none other than Kim Chi and Lonnie from this comic:

So my sincere thanks to Mark, Kim Chi and Lonnie for making my birthday so great!

E-Book Announcement

I alluded to this before, but may as well make it official: I’ve been prepping two of my comics for release as ebooks!

The two comics are The Kameoka Diaries: Volume One and Young Men of a Certain Mind (tentative covers shown above).

At first, I’m going to release them for iphone/ipad, through the iBooks bookstore. I’ve been tweaking the underlying code for a couple weeks, and I’m delighted to say that I’ve finally got them working great on both screen sizes. On iPhones/iPod touches, you see a panel at a time:

And on iPads, you see four panels or eight panels, depending on how you hold the device:

Like I say it works really great on either device (on both Retina and non-Retina displays), and makes for the most pleasant way to read the books electronically. I’m planning on selling them for 99-cents each.

As for a release date, it all depends on when (if?) Apple approves my seller application, and then when (if?) it approves the books after that. I’m hoping to have them up sometime in April. But again, this has more to do with Apple than me. Stay tuned!

***3/31/2012 UPDATE***
Apple has approved my initial seller application! Now I just need to make fill out paperwork/sign contracts with Apple, make final tweaks to the ebook files, and then upload the files, and then wait for their approval on the books themselves. Again, I don’t know exactly when the books will be up on iBooks, but shouldn’t be more than a matter of weeks (probably)!

***4/6/2012 UPDATE***
Okay, I’ve uploaded the book files to Apple and am now waiting for approval. Assuming they get approved, they’ll probably be available on the iBookstore in 1-4 weeks. I will, of course, keep you posted!

***4/28/2012 UPDATE***
Just thought I’d update to say… nothing new to update! It’s now been three weeks since I submitted it, and the status remains that it’s still being reviewed. Many people on Apple forums report that it took about a month for their books to get approved, so maybe it’ll be up next week. No guarantee though, of course. Well, I check the status everyday, so I’ll let you know when it changes!