Kameoka Diaries 2nd Bestselling Comic in the iBookstore Right Now!

Right now as I type these words, The Kameoka Diaries [ Direct iBookstore Link ] is the second bestselling comic in the iBookstore, and Young Men of a Certain Mind [ Direct iBookstore Link ] is in the top ten! For one brief, glorious moment, one of my books is outselling all those Walking Dead graphic novels that seem to have a stranglehold on the Top Ten. Yippie!

The reason for the bump is because Mark Frauenfelder was kind enough to mention my books over on the ever-wonderful Boing Boing website. Coincidentally, the Boing Boing post went up on my birthday, and I couldn’t have asked for a better present!

Yup, couldn’t have asked for a better present… except perhaps for this, a performance recorded for my birthday by two dear friends here in Kameoka:

The performers are none other than Kim Chi and Lonnie from this comic:

So my sincere thanks to Mark, Kim Chi and Lonnie for making my birthday so great!

  • Steve M

    Hey, it just hit #1 on 5/22! Screen capture to follow if mom gets it to work.