Kameoka Diaries 2: NOW AVAILABLE!

The Kameoka Diaries: Volume Twois available for purchase for a buck RIGHT NOW! YOWZA!

For iPhone/iPad/iPod touch:
The Kameoka Diaries: Volume Two is available on the iBookstore for only 99-cents:

For Android/PC/Mac/Whatever:
The Kameoka Diaries: Volume Two is available as a DRM-free PDF for $1 (or more):


When I submitted my first e-comics to Apple, ( The Kameoka Diaries: Volume One and Young Men of a Certain Mind ) it took one month for them to get approved, so I’m surprised & delighted it only took two days this time. But hey, I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth!

I’ll write more about the new volume of The Kameoka Diaries soon; I just wanted to get this announcement blog entry out right-away.

So please check it out. And if you enjoy it, please consider writing a review on iBooks, and/or telling your friends, and/or tweeting about it, and/or “liking” it on Facebook. Thanks a bunch!

***8/9/12 UPDATE****

As I type these words, The Kameoka Diaries: Volume Two is the #1 selling comic on iBooks! Thanks all!!


  • jake

    bought!! can’t wait to read it :-)

    but the cover size is shorter than your other two books >_<. my OCD is kicking in when I check my iBooks shelf.