Kameoka Diaries #5 — Food & Drink

For those that missed them:

Part One: Self-Introduction
Part Two: Friends
Part Three: Midwestern Conflict
Part Four: The Cold

And here’s Part Five:


The Kameoka Diaries: Volume One, collecting the first eight parts, is available in HD for $1:
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Also available is The Kameoka Diaries: Part Two, collecting parts 9-16:
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Part Six>>>

  • Hey, nice one. You’re unstoppable with your webcomics (^_^).

    What about Tonoharu 3 ?

    And congratulations for your Wikipedia page

  • Lars Martinson

    I should be putting up a Tonoharu 3 update within a week or two (maybe sooner, we’ll see). Thanks for the continued interest!
    Yup, you know you’ve made it when you have your own Wikipedia page (even if it is only a “stub”). (And no, I didn’t write it myself, I swear!)

  • Comedy and Pathos… these strips have it all. Another triumph!

    I also tend to prefer meat to fish when dinning. This has resulted in my wife accusing me of having “the taste sense of a child.” That might explain the silverware at Daikoku Burger. ^_^;

  • David

    Ah yes, there’s that melancholy intrapersonal rumination that made Tonoharu so great. Makes me long for volume 3!

  • trogon

    Speaking as a fellow ALT as well as a comic book fanatic, thank you so much for your excellent strips! I just found your site today, but I’ve already ordered both Tonoharu books. Can’t wait to read them. Keep it up!

  • Lars Martinson

    David: Cheers! I’ll finish it as quick as I can (will still be a while though).
    Trogon: Hope you enjoy the books, and thanks for your support! (^^)/

  • tats

    Girls working at a bar are skiled at communicating with customers. At bars a man feels as if he could possibly get married to one of the girls. How much have a friend of mine ( in his 50s) paid to them! They are communication experpts. They could be good teachers at school.
    I’m looking for the next installment.

  • These are great! Nice appetizers while waiting on Tonoharu # 3.

  • Nicole

    Lol, you’re so right about Sushiro. A lot of the exchange students go there and order the cheese basil salmon (though I like the cheese ebi better)! <3

  • Andrei

    I love these things, great stuff!

  • I’m in California!

    I thought you were joking about Daikoku Burger’s mascot, but it’s true. It really is Daikoku (one of the Seven Lucky Gods) with burger feet and a sack of fries!