Kameoka Diaries #6 — Karaoke

For those that missed them:

Part One: Self-Introduction
Part Two: Friends
Part Three: Midwestern Conflict
Part Four: The Cold
Part Five: Food & Drink

And here’s Part Six:


Here’s the Douji Morita song referred to in this comic, in case you really wanna get the party started at your next karaoke outing:


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  • Sarah D

    Hahahahaha! I’ll have to do the “real” Japanese karaoke sometime, Lars! The only time I have done it so far was in Kameoka that one time with you all – and I definitely did it the Amurkan way!!!

  • That does sound fun! When you are back sometime let’s try your style of karaoke except with better pizza.

  • Lars Martinson

    Yes Sarahs!
    Join the… fun…!
    The fun of… Japanese-style. Karaoke.

  • Steve M

    Another great blog. And thanks for also posting the video of Douji Morita.

    There is a third style of Karaoke you didn’t cover – the American Otaku who longs to visit Japan, but bought the last compact karaoke machine from BestBuy before they stopped selling them instead, then sits in the basement, with window blinds closed, singing with gusto until the cheap machine dies. . .

  • Don’t cough, Lars. You sit nice and polite while I sing for you. Fold your hands. Sit straight. Exhibit patience.

  • Lars Martinson

    Steve: Yup, that Douji Morita is great. She had another depressing song that would have worked well for this comic called “If I should die, for instance”: http://youtu.be/7xDMgOQygmQ
    I was sure that she had committed suicide, but when I did the research for this comic, it turns out she only retired from music. All her songs are so sad I guess I invented the suicide thing.

    Sarah: I will convert you to my own brand of depressing fun.

  • Ha! I don’t really drink, but I gotta say, I like the American version of Karaoke (as long as I’m the only American in the room). ^_^;

    Right now I usually bring the house down with this little number: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWoL_I47RjI&feature=relmfu

    …but, my goal is to be able to sing this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teGJw2rD0y8

    ウルフルズ 万歳!

  • Lars Martinson

    Huh, that surprises me! Based on your comics I thought you’d totally prefer the low-key Japanese style (for some reason).
    Also, what do you mean by “as long as I’m the only American in the room”? Like, you prefer to dance around by yourself while Japanese people silently, awkwardly watch you? (笑)

  • Ha! Wait, uh…

    Well, I don’t think I’ve actually gone so far as to start dancing by myself, but the few times I have gone to Karaoke they have been with Japanese people my age, who will happily get into it.

    …or maybe I was just so into myself at the time I didn’t notice that they were only being polite. (泣)

  • tats

    “Our Failure” was recorded in ’76, and became well-known in ’94 after being used as a title track for a TV drama “Koukou-kyoshi:Kindan no ai to shirazuni”(High School Teacher:Not Knowing It Is Forbidden Love) It is a story about a high school teacher working at a girls school. He falls in love with a student there.
    The drama features rape, lesbianism, arson, stabbing, and suicide. In the final episode the teacher runs away with her to nowhere. The drama ends with a scene where both are sleeping on a train, which suggests they will commit suicide. The tenth episode is titled “Our Failure.”

  • Lars Martinson

    Interesting. Thanks for the background, Tats!

  • tats

    In case you can’t find a clip from the drama.


    It is said in Japan that destined soul mates are linked to each other with an invisible red thread.

  • Leon

    Sounds like Taiwanese KtV but Taiwanese act like Americans and drink like mad. And their song collections are usually 50 year old English songs that are guaranteed in every song book island wide… I am the Ktv king.

  • Karaoke Japanese style, American style or Korean style is a no-go with me. No, sir! There’s nothing like a tour bus full of Korean ajumma singing to a karaoke machine. The horror, the horror.

  • Peter

    A couple of years ago I went to visit a friend in NYC and he took me to a place that had the Japanese-style private rooms—and the place was packed. So maybe there’s hope for America.

  • Minh

    They have japanese/korean style karaoke bars in Texas… There are quite a few of them actually. One of them is a hybrid with a public bar “American style” with private box rooms. I’m sure we can’t be the only state that has them.

    Proof: http://www.yelp.com/biz/zeller-zone-karaoke-and-bar-dallas-2

  • Anonymous

    such a good song, nice choice

  • A lot of Korean noraebang places are like normal Japanese karaoke boxes, but some have small dances floors, lasers, and give you animal onesies to wear.