Kameoka Diaries #7 — Video Games

For those that missed them:

Part One: Self-Introduction
Part Two: Friends
Part Three: Midwestern Conflict
Part Four: The Cold
Part Five: Food & Drink
Part Six: Karaoke

And here’s Part Seven:


For now at least, the 8th installment is available exclusively in The Kameoka Diaries: Volume One e-comic, available through the iBookstore, or as a DRM-free PDF:
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Sorry, I know that’s kind of obnoxious… but the e-comic is in HD (double the resolution of the online version) and it’s only $1. And it’ll help support me/ensure more of these comics get made, so if you have a dollar lying around collecting dust and wouldn’t mind putting it in my pocket, I’d certainly appreciate it! (^0^)/

Also available is The Kameoka Diaries: Part Two, collecting parts 9-16:
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In any event, I’ll be posting more e-comics online in the coming weeks; as always, you can follow me on twitter or subscribe to me on Facebook as I’ll announce any new comics there. Bye!

  • Chris

    Very funny! Interesting ideas!

  • Ha, ha, ha…

    I also bought a DS “so I could study kanji.” It was right at the hight of its popularity and there was only one left at the store. A pink one…

    Being a manly man. I wasn’t going to let a little thing like color stand in my way, so I bought it. However, I later regretted it because I was too embarrassed to use it on the train for fear of getting more than the usual amount of stares and sideways glances.

    … did I use it at home a bit, but studying Kanji on the DS is like studying Kanji any other way…
    (ie. boring).


  • David Cohen

    Hey, that Demon Summoning bit may just come in handy!

  • Eva

    Lars, I love the Kameoka Diaries series! I spent some time teaching English in rural Taiwan to 6th graders, and my sister has long been a teacher and administrator in an English prep school. Though I was born in Taiwan (which is pretty much just Chinese speaking Japan anyway), I was largely raised in Canada, so I sympathize with and find great humor in your expat experiences.

    I would be happy to purchase the 8th installment, alas, I have no “i” technology… I hope you make it available to the rest of us soon.

    Also, it would be amazing if you posted to Tumblr as well. Keep up the funny!

  • Tmdean

    I’m guessing from the phrases you picked you were playing Devil Survivor for the DS. Great game!

  • Neruson

    Oh geez, this hits close to home. I got FF13 in Japanese when it first came out, thinking how awesome it was that I’d be able to play it before anyone else. Unfortunately, the characters were too small and blurry on my low-def ブラウン管 TV and I couldn’t make out a word of it. When you have a full 30 inches of screen to work with, why make the kanji only 1/4 inch tall? It boggles the mind.

    And really, you bought a dating sim with “4” in the title? You’re asking for it at that point. Pick up something good like Clannad, then we’ll talk. I’ve gone through 2 dating sims (they’re “visual novels”, I swear) at this point, and I’ve learned a couple hundred words from each one.

    Great comic!

  • Hey Lars, as opposed to dating sims, you could try a hand at some visual novels. Some good ones I can think of are Baldr Sky (which also contains gameplay), Steins;Gate, Every17. Some are eroge but the porn is usually just fluff that you can skip… if you’re not into that stuff. Visual novels are heavily text based though, so if you’re Japanese isn’t at least middle to high school level you might have some problems. There’s also Idolm@ster (a game where you’re a producer raising idols) and Dream C Club (a game where you drink with hostesses). These are far less text based and the language a lot easier.

    •  Groovy, thanks for the recommendations! I’ll look into them!

      • John Titor

        YESSS Steins;Gate is brilliant. The story is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. I also recommend  Chaos;Head and the Phoenix Wright series.