“Young Men of a Certain Mind” Preview (1/4)

My two new e-comics (available for 99-cents each on the iBookstore) were experiments on a few levels:

  1. I wanted to see if I could create a worthwhile comic quickly, rather than endlessly laboring over it (like I do with the images in my graphic novel Tonoharu.)
  2. I wanted to see if reading a comic could be a pleasant experience on a smart phone-sized screen, if you took the limitations of the device into consideration when you created the art work.
  3. And finally, I was curious to see what effect offering the work online for free would have on sales.

I’d like to think that all of these experiments have been relatively successful, but the one that I’ve been the most pleasantly surprised by is the third one.

I started selling the two e-comics on the same day. For one of them, The Kameoka Diaries, I put almost 90% of it online for free beforehand. For the other, Young Men of a Certain Mind, I’ve never put any of it online at all.

I sort of figured that Young Men of a Certain Mind would outsell The Kameoka Diaries, since the former was 100% new material whereas the latter only offered a bit of original content. Much to my surprise (and delight) the opposite has happened. The shared comic has always outsold the unshared one.

Now I’ll admit this is hardly a scientific experiment, and that “correlation does not imply causation” and all that. But the thing is, I like to share my work. And to know that doing so doesn’t kill sales, and in fact may help them, is great.

So I’ve decided to try sharing Young Men of a Certain Mind as well. I’m going to put the majority of it—80%—online for free, and see if that helps/hurts/doesn’t affect sales. I’ll be doing it in four parts which will go up every week, the first part of which is this one.

So without further ado, here’s the first 20% of Young Men of a Certain Mind:

Part Two will be up next week sometime.

Or you can buy the whole thing right now!
It’s available on the iBookstore (in HD) for 99-cents:
[ Direct iBookstore Link ]

And for those that don’t have iPods and iPhones, it’s also available in print for $4.95 postpaid in my store (residents of North America only please):
[ MY STORE ] (Young Men of a Certain Mind is at the bottom of the page)

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  • Congratulations, this is the good stuff! I actually wanted to finish reading – but there’s no Android version available for purchase (and I really don’t feel like installing iTunes). You should really consider availing this on other systems.

    • larsmartinson

       Yup, that’s what everyone tells me! I’ve decided I’m going to try to create an Android smartphone-friendly PDF version I think. Should be out sometime this summer!

  • Cc

    very cool! i can see how the one you showed previews of sold more- i’d feel better buying something i had had a little preview of.
    question, are you back in the states for this? the signs are in english… but then why is your friend smoking in a restaurant? so many questions :)

    • larsmartinson

       I actually drew this comic in 2003 or so, hence the US setting and the smoking in restaurants.

  • Better than You

    release it for android or B&N. and I will buy it.

    • larsmartinson

       I hear ya! I’ll try to get something out this summer.