“Young Men of a Certain Mind” Preview (2/4)

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This is a bit belated, but let me briefly introduce this comic since I didn’t do so in the first installment of this preview.

Young Men of a Certain Mind is a 44-page comic I did in 2003 (just before I started work on my graphic novel Tonoharu). It is a account of the year I spent working at a four star hotel as a night bellman prior to coming to Japan to teach English.

Or I guess I should say a *fictionalized* account; I took tons of liberties with chronology, and generally exaggerated things for comedic reasons. For example, I’m not *quite* as much of a bitter crank as the main character of this comic (or at least that’s what I tell myself).

I’ll admit there’s really not much to Young Men of a Certain Mind in terms of story. It’s more supposed to be a slice-of-life type thing more than anything else. But for a comic that’s almost a decade old, I still think it holds up. It’s the oldest comic I’ve done that I can still read without cringing in embarrassment. (How’s that for a ringing endorsement! Buy it now, folks! Ha… ha…)

Well, I guess that’s enough foreplay. Here’s the second part of the preview:

Part Three will be up next Friday, probably.

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