Come see me in Tokyo on November 23rd!


Mark your calendars! I’ll have a table at the International Manga Festival in Tokyo later this month! This will be the only show I’ll be doing for a long while, so if you’re in the area, stop on by and say hello!

International Manga Festival
Website / Facebook

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014, 11am to 4pm

TOKYO BIG SIGHT (Tokyo International Exhibition Center), East 4 Hall
Address: 3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063
Access Info: English / Japanese

¥1000 per person (This fee also gains you admission to the Comitia Comic Expo.)

“Tonoharu: Part Three” Progress Report (Fall 2014)


Whoops! I totally dropped the ball on updating this blog for the latter half of October. I’ll try to get back into the swing of updating every week again, even if it’s only a youtube video or a funny photo or something like that (though I’ll try to intersperse those with more significant updates as well).

As I just did a progress report recently, I hadn’t planned to do another until next year sometime. But I’ve been happy with how things have been going recently, so I wanted to toot my own horn a little.

For the past two months, progress on Tonoharu has been spectacular. My “page a week” goal for September and October would have had me finish 8.75 pages. Instead, I managed to complete 15.75 pages; a whole seven extra pages! That’s like a month and a half’s worth of work. So I’m really happy about that. It’s been literally years since I’ve managed to finish more than a page a week for such a sustained period.

And things are looking good for the rest of the year too. The next stretch of Tonoharu has a couple of multi-page conversations that take place in the same location, which will allow me to reuse several backgrounds. So I expect I’ll be able to outperform my “page a week” goal into November and December as well.

In the new year, things will get a bit tougher. I’ll be starting on the epilogue, which, like the prologue, is narrated. In practice, this makes it so almost every panel takes place in a different location, which takes longer to draw. But even so, I think/hope I’ll be able to finish at least a page a week, so I shouldn’t lose any ground at least. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The next progress report will come sometime in 2015 (for real this time). Or if you just can’t wait for that, follow me on Twitter, as I tweet every time I finish a page. Toodles!

“Tonoharu: Part One” 5-Star Review at Comics Bulletin


Daniel Elkin reviews the Tonoharu: Part One paperback, giving it five out of five stars!

From the review:

At its heart, Tonoharu is a book about communication, about connecting, about learning through our shared experiences and defining ourselves through the eyes of others. The story of Dan becomes the story of us. This is the thematic sandbox in which artists build castles and Martinson is building Neuschwanstein.

You can read the full review here (about halfway down the page):

My thanks to Elkin for the coverage and the kind words!

Come see me in Tokyo this November!


Mark your calendars! I’ll have a table at the International Manga Festival in Tokyo this November! This’ll probably be the only show I’ll be doing until Summer 2015, so if you’re in the area, stop on by!

What: International Manga Festival
When: Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
Where: Tokyo Big Sight, 3-11-1 Ariake, Koutou-ku, Tokyo

I’ll be posting more details in the coming weeks, but wanted to get a quick mention up on the blog now. Hope to see you there!

“Tonoharu: Part One” Paperback–Now Available on Amazon!


Cool news! The Tonoharu: Part One paperback is available right now on! Here’s the link if you want to pick it up or write a glowing review or whatever:

Another cool piece of news: I got a royalty check for the Tonoharu: Part One paperback, and apparently almost ten percent of the print run has already sold! Not too shabby, considering I didn’t even know the book was “officially” available yet. We’re off to a good start!