“Tonoharu” on Boing Boing

Tonoharu: Part One was just written up on Boing Boing, one of the world’s most popular blogs! Oh boy!

The post can be found here. (A word of warning though; the writeup has a fairly big spoiler about Tonoharu: Part Two.)

Many thanks to Boing Boing editor Mark Frauenfelder for the coverage!


Oh, and if you’re a new reader who came to this site because of the Boing Boing coverage, here’s a few things you might enjoy:

Posts about Tonoharu
Posts about the making of the book, etc.

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Most of which are Japan-related

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Not many of them, but do check them out.


  • Hi Lars! Glad you liked the review. Sorry about the spoiler. Would you like me to delete it from the post?

  • Lars Martinson

    Hey Mark,

    No need to delete the spoiler; I just wanted to warn the spoiler-adverse that it was there.

    Thanks again for the coverage! (^_^)v


  • Ian

    Hi Lars — After reading Mark’s review and seeing screen caps of the artwork I purchased Part One. It arrived today (Amazon) and I read through it immediately.

    Just wanted to drop a note saying I really enjoyed it. I’ve never read a piece of fiction where the isolation that comes with living abroad figures so prominently. It really resonated with me as I (like you I imagine) have been through that all, as have most of my close friends (my wife too).

    Looking forward to Part Two. Thanks again.


  • Lars Martinson

    Hey Ian:

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Hope you like Part Two as well.


    PS–I checked out your blog, and while much of it is greek to me, I just wanted to mention I love how eclectic is it. Code! Gardening! Electronics! It reminds of this blog, which covers self-publishing, Japan, calligraphy, comics…

  • Ian

    Thanks for your kind words about me blog. The eclecticism comes from the urge to blog, but not knowing what the hell about ;). It was much easier when I was a living abroad to find post ideas, as that is a never ending mine of golden brain dumps.

    So I say, even though you are back in the states, keep milking that experience for all she’s worth. Feel no scruple until it’s run bone dry. This fan, for one, continues to enjoy it.

  • Lars Martinson

    I wish I’d taken more photos of funny Japanese stuff when I had the chance…

    Right now it’s fine because with the second book coming out, all my weekly blog entries are shameless self-promotion. But once I start ramping down my marketing machine, I don’t know what I’ll write about every week… :-/