“Tonoharu: Part Three” Progress Report #2

Progress Bar Key
The Story/Script for the comic
Artwork: The Drawing, Inking, and Computer Work for the comic
Final Edits/Incidentals:
Post-Production Edits, Designing the Cover, Preparing for Press, etc.

(More information about Tonoharu can be found here.)


I’ve just finished the artwork for page 39 out of a (projected) 117, which means the the artwork for Tonoharu: Part Three is now officially, exactly, ONE-THIRD COMPLETE! Hooray!

I won’t even make a wild guess about when Tonoharu: Part Three will be finished and available for purchase. I’ve missed so many self-imposed deadlines that it’s hard to say, especially now that I have a full time job again. In any event, it’ll still be a while yet, so don’t hold your breath!

One (small) piece of good news for those who are waiting for Tonoharu: Part Three: my job affords me a very generous 20 days of paid vacation. So far, after being on the job for almost seven months, I’ve used one of them. My plan is to take a whole month off this summer, and visit the US. Other than seeing old friends and family and such, I hope to devote most of that time to working on Tonoharu: Part Three. At best I might be able to finish ten extra pages or so, so I don’t mean to imply that a month of dedicated work will bring the book to the cusp of completion or anything, but hey, every little bit counts!

Oh, one more thing, in regards to The Kameoka Diaries, my new series of webcomics. You might be wondering if that’s slowing Tonoharu progress down even further. The honest answer is yeah, probably a bit. But actually, not too much. I tend to work on The Kameoka Diaries in places that I couldn’t work on Tonoharu anyway (cafes, bus stops, etc). Plus, I think it’s good for me to have something else to work on, to let off steam. If I never did any KD comics, I might have another 1-3 pages of Tonoharu done, but that’s about it.

Well, I’ll put up another progress report when the artwork for Tonoharu: Part Three is halfway done; probably show a couple of panels from the book then too. If you want more tedious, frequent updates, I tweet whenever I finish a page, so follow me on Twitter if you want. Peace!

  • Walt

    I enjoy your wit, your drawing style, and your subject matter , Japan. I can’t wait for T-3 and for future diary entries. Thank you Lars.

  • Good news ! France is waiting for that !