Website Maintenance This Weekend

As I wrote in this entry, my website’s CPU usage is higher than it should be. I’ve optimized what I could, except for one thing: my website’s theme is pretty out of date, so I’m going to try update it this weekend with a new one and see if that helps.

If I were a web programming pro, I’d figure out how to do it offline and then upload it once I had it perfect. But I’m too lazy to figure out how to do that, so I’m just going to do it live.

My website’s content should be available all weekend, but it’s appearance etc. might be a bit weird while I’m tweaking it, just FYI.

5/20/2012 UPDATE: I’ve made fairly significant under-the-hood changes, which *hopefully* should improve my website’s CPU usage enough so I can start promoting it again without killing my host. Unfortunately, the host only updates my CPU usage once every 24 hours, so I’m still not sure if my changes helped (or hurt?) things yet.

So I’m going to keep this boring default wordpress theme up for now, and see how the site does. If my CPU usage goes down, I’ll probably go in and tweak the look of the site to make it prettier, and re-add in features like twitter feeds and nonsense like that.

It’s super-duper cool that my website is getting more traffic now (even ten days after reddit brought all that traffic here, my site’s still getting 3-5 times as many daily visitors as usual). But it’s also funny that because I’m so close to my CPU limit, I’ve had to postpone updates,  and haven’t been able to promote my work because I didn’t want to add fuel to the fire. Ah well.

In any event, I will have a new comic up the first week of June, though not on this site. Can’t give any more details yet, but I’ll let you know when it’s up and where it is. Thanks all!

  • You could always put your site in Maintenance Mode. I use the CGC Maintenance Mode plugin for WordPress. You can specify a page for the user to be redirected to or a custom page to inform them of the maintenance. Just a suggestion :) Good luck with the redesign!

  • Lars Martinson

    Thanks Chris, good advice! But more than anything I want to know how my changes will affect my CPU usage, so I suppose it’s best just to make the changes live and see what’s what (amateurish though it may be).

  • It’s great to see you move to a theme that includes a more responsive design. (I’m looking via my phone.)

    It’s too bad new visitors aren’t seeing your customizations. i.e. your art. I would suggest you at least replace the default header image with your drawn cityscape.

  • Lars Martinson

    Good point. I’ll make that change.

  • Jaysef

    Hey Lars,

    I came across your blog while browsing boing boing. I work for a web hosting company that is focused on Magento and WordPress hosting. We often get clients that are featured on a the today show, reddit, digg, and other sources of big traffic. We have been able to mitigate big traffic pushes by utilizing a CDN service coupled with the W3 Total Cache (W3TC) plugin and a plethora of server side performance tweaks. I wanted to suggest you talk to your host and see if they can install and configure W3TC for you. That should help with traffic surges. If you have any questions you are welcome to email me.

  • peter in Cleve

    Care to share who your webhost is so that I/we can avoid this service and look for another one?