“Tonoharu: Part Two” Media Coverage

I update my twitter account with coverage of Tonoharu: Part Two as it comes in, but I haven’t mentioned all of it here on the blog proper. So I thought I’d create an entry that links to all the coverage the book has gotten so far (that I’m aware of).

Sarah Palin’s Alaska media blog
Just to clarify, this is the website for Sarah Palin’s reality show, not Palin’s personal blog or anything. In fact the author of the site’s media blog looks to be as far from the right as you can get. But either way, to have my book recommended (along with City Slickers and Green Acres) on a right-wing politician’s realty show website makes this the most implausible coverage that I’ve ever gotten.

Comic Book Bin / Leroy Douresseaux
T┼Źnoharu: Part Two, like the first book, is both a unique and engaging read.” says Douresseaux in his “A-” review of the book.

Interviews / Profiles
Examiner.com / Justin Tedaldi
Hero Magazine / Kris Tigue
MN Daily / Grace Gouker
Gaijin Pot

Publisher’s Weekly / PW Staff
About.com / Deb Aoki (Review about halfway down the page)
G.B.H. Hornswoggler Blog / Andrew Wheeler
Orbital Comics / Camila (Review 2/3rds down the page)
Page45.com / Jonathan
Le Blog de la Mirabelle / Natja Schon
Geek Week / Henry Chamberlain
Vagabonding / Roff Potts

Publisher’s Weekly
Graphic Novel Reporter
Time.com’s Techland Blog
Boing Boing
Metro Magazine (One panel preview of Tonoharu: Part Three” (!))

Offline Coverage
Giant Robot Issue #68 (on newsstands now)
Under The Radar Magazine (In last month’s issue, I think?? I never saw it so I can’t say for sure…)


If anyone knows of any coverage the book has gotten that I’m not aware of (esp. offline coverage, which is hard to track) please let me know!

  • Phil

    Bought both Tonoharu stories and love them. I’m still in Japan after (almost) nine years. Did my time teaching English and I think I met at least 5 of the characters in your books during my time here. Hope you get plenty more coverage over the coming weeks months and years. My wife is reading part one now. Can’t wait for part three.

  • Lars Martinson

    Thanks for the kind words Phil!

    I’m working on “Part Three” now, but it’ll be a while yet, I’m sad to say…