Get “Tonoharu 1” in Time for Christmas!

Tonoharu: Part One Page

So here’s the good news: Tonoharu: Part One has been selling well enough on that it’s temporarily sold out!

The bad news is, they won’t be getting new copies in for one to four weeks, and can’t guarantee shipment by Christmas.

So I thought I’d take this opportunity that I have copies of the book, and can get them to you before December 25th! I’ll even sign & personalize them to whoever you want, and include a little doodle. So if you want to give the gift of Tonoharu for Christmas this year (and who doesn’t), please consider making your purchase from my humble little storefront. Thanks!

[Link To My Store]

*UPDATE* Whoops, looks like they have it in stock again after all. So if Amazon’s your preferred vendor, there you go!