Juicy Ducks

I saw a product at the mall the other day called “Juicy Ducks”. Basically, they’re fruit-themed rubber ducks.

So, whatever, it’s a pretty stupid idea, but not one that I’d bother blogging about if it wasn’t for the following:

Just look at it. It looks like a bloated, tumorous corpse. So, so horrible. The perfect gift for the child in your life that you hate.

  • Angelyn

    What are those ducks for? hideous grape duck..lol by the way you’re a very artistic person! keep up the good work!

  • vogdoid

    PLEASE buy me that. And 2 of the others to keep him company. I will reimburse.

  • Kara

    Do they smell like fruit? I can still remember the “grape” smell of my Sour Grape doll, the villainess of the Strawberry Shortcake universe. Like most fruity scents (and flavors, for that matter), it didn’t even come close to the real thing.

  • Lars Martinson

    They were in sealed boxes, so I didn’t get a chance to smell them. But since Vogdoid and my parents (?) apparently want me to get a couple Juicy Ducks for them, maybe I’ll get my chance (here’s hoping)!