Sophisticated Junk Food

The uncouth may be content to munch on regular Cheetos, but for those with more sophisticated palettes, only Gourmet Cheetos will do.

Gourmet Cheetos is apparently a big enough brand to have its own line, as this is a part of “The Night Selection” family of products. (This particular one is “Italian pizza” flavored. How exotic!)

Regarding the name, “The Night Selection”–you often see somewhat unusual use of the word “the” on Japanese products:

I guess it’s intended to convey a sense of cosmopolitanism and refinement or something. The ironic thing is that in native English usage, unconventional use of the word “the” is used to convey a lack of refinement (e.g., I use “the Google” for interweb searching.”)

Eating straight out of the bag may be okay for regular Cheetos, but the only way to eat Gourmet Cheetos is out of a martini glass. Actually, sophisticated people eat everything out of martini glasses. And they use mini martini glasses instead of spoons.