Indiscriminate School Spirit

Above is the cover of this year’s student handbook for Shikoku University. Looks fine at first glance, but take a look at the sweatshirt of the guy on the right:

Whoopsie. Not a big deal, but I just find it funny that they’re advertising another school on the cover of the book they give to new students.

  • N

    lmao :D

    I spilled green tea on my laptop.


  • Lars Martinson

    Yikes, hope your laptop is okay!

    For any readers who can’t read Japanese, in the last sentence “N” speculates that the North Carolina guy is an exchange student.

    Good theory, but Shikoku University is a pretty small school, and to my knowledge only has two exchange students from the West: myself and a woman from Hungry. My guess is it’s a Japanese student that bought the sweatshirt locally without knowing what it meant. Ah well…


  • Andres

    Sorry for the random comment on something posted over a year ago, but I was perusing the older posts and this caught my eye!

    The NC shirt caught my eye since I went to school in the state, but more to the point, I also studied abroad in Japan and saw this on more than one occasion. In fact, I even saw a 3 year old running around in an Oklahoma t-shirt despite the fact that neither he nor his parents had ever been there (I grew up there so I had to ask). I think it’s just random Japanese fashion, truth be told.