How I got the Monbusho Research Scholarship (Part 1 of 4)

Welcome to the first in a four part series of entries about my experience applying for a Monbusho Research Scholarship (aka the “Monbukagakusho” or “MEXT” Scholarship). If you don’t know what the Monbusho is, I’ve previously written a couple other entries about it which could serve as an introduction of sorts, which can be found here.

I wanted to write about the application process because of the confusion and uncertainty I encountered when I was applying for one. The process is extremely long (about seven months went by from when I turned in my application until I finally found out I had been accepted), and the application guidelines could be maddeningly vague. Countless times I wished I could have access to a couple successful applications, just to give me some idea if I was on the right track on not. But despite tireless internet searches, I could never seem to find anything like that.

So I decided that if I got a Monbusho Scholarship, that I’d write a detailed account of the application process in the hopes that it might be of some use to future Monbusho applicants. I’m pleased to say that I did get it, and so here is my account.

Being the cautious person that I am, I want to start off by inserting a few *Disclaimers* here.

Disclaimer #1: I assume that those interested in applying for the Monbusho Scholarship would have carefully gone over the official guidelines provided by MEXT (which can be found here, among other places), and the information found on the very useful website. I won’t go into detail about things that can be easily found from those two sources.

Disclaimer #2: I applied for a Monbusho Research Scholarship for arts-related research via Embassy Recommendation in the USA in 2007, so this account will be about that specific experience. Be aware that this account is anecdotal. It represents my own personal experience and nothing more. I have no experience or knowledge about applying via University Recommendation or Domestic Selection, or about the application procedures for other countries, or about applying for to do research in other fields. Procedures are bound to be different from year to year, country to country, and embassy to embassy.

And finally Disclaimer #3: I’m not a representative for the Japanese Government or an expert on the Monbusho Scholarship, and as such, my opinions about the “right” way to go about applying are by-and-large speculative. If someone in a position of authority offers you advice that runs counter to my own, you’d probably be better off listening to them. Everything in here should be taken with a very large grain of salt.

All that said, I did manage to get the Monbusho Scholarship, so I must have done something right. So while it’d probably be a mistake for Monbusho hopefuls to emulate my approach to the letter, as their set of circumstances is bound to be different from my own, I hope that this account can be of some use to those going through the lengthy application process.

But before I get any further, I should probably introduce myself so you know where I’m coming from. As the masthead of this website says, my name is Lars Martinson. At the time of my application in 2007, I was a thirty year old American citizen residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I did my undergrad at the University of North Dakota, and graduated magna cum laude with a BA in graphic design.

Prior to my application for a Monbusho Scholarship, I had lived in Japan twice. Once for seven weeks as a short-term high school exchange student, and once for three years as an assistant English teacher through the government sponsored JET Program. At the time of my Monbusho application, my Japanese level was between that monstrous gulf between level 3 and level 2 of the JLPT; probably leaning towards level 2, but by no means quite there. (The JLPT is a standard Japanese proficiency test—more info about that can be found here.)

Since I was in junior high, I have wanted to be a cartoonist, and have devoted the last fifteen odd years of my life to the pursuit of that dream. I have recently published my first graphic novel entitled Tonoharu: Part One, based in part on my experience teaching on the JET Program (though at the time of my application for the Monbusho, I was still unpublished).

If you want to know more about me or my comics, click around this website; it’ll tell you more than you’d ever care to know.

Okay, that’s probably enough for now. Check back next Friday for Part Two.

Part 1 of 4–Introduction/Disclaimers
Part 2 of 4–Writing the Research Proposal
Part 3 of 4–Filling out the Application & Contacting Professors
Part 4 of 4–The Tests, the Interview, & the Long Wait

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  • Lars, your site rocks and so do your artworks.

    I am committing a blog in French on my Monbusho experience (, where I try to give my fellow Frenchmen a vivid personal account of the Monbusho experience, and to provide as much insider advice as I can for those who’ll follow in our steps. I have the feeling that the “Monbusho” part of your blog does exactly that, so here you go, topping my list of precious Monbusho resources.

    I’ll be looking forward to your next post.

  • I am ashraf writing from Bangladesh. I have completed master of Science. I have a experience in work at nanotechnology. My research Title was ” Synthesis and photo physical properties of ZnO/Ag Junction Nanoparticles”. I want to complete Ph.D in Japan in the field of Nanotehnology

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  • Sk. motasim Billah

    Date: 10/01/2009

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Sk. Motasim Billah, Assistant Professor, Soil Science discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh. I got my B.Sc(Hons) Degree and MS degree from the Department of Soil, water and Environment, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh with First class in both tyre. Now I am looking for a Scholarship to get admission in the PhD research. My research interest is on any topic related to soil, water and environment. Already some of my research articles have been published in some reputed journals. So please help me to get the way of achieving Monbukagasho scholarship to carry on my PhD research in Japan. Thanks a lot.

    Yours faithfully.

    Sk. Motasim Billah,
    Assistant Professor,
    Soil Science discipline,
    Khulna University
    Date: 10/01/2009

  • Lars Martinson

    Dear Sk. Motasim Billah,

    If you’re interesting in a Monbukagakusho Scholarship, you should contact the Japanese Embassy in your country. Best of luck to you!


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  • dr. foyez

    very nice

  • dr. foyez

    Dear sir
    I am Dr M Foyez U. I want to study about LASER THERAPY.

  • Lars Martinson

    Dear Dr. Foyez,

    If you’re interesting in a Monbukagakusho Scholarship, you should contact the Japanese Embassy in your country. Best of luck to you!


  • Charles Yves Alix

    i need scholarship

  • Ango Marcel Tembe

    I am a student looking for help. I am very intelligent but no money to further my studies. My parents are in the village and they are poor. I had advanced level 2 years ago but i am in the house due to poverty. Please help me.

  • Dr.F Elahi

    i completed 5 years Doctor of vterinary medicine course . i have a great desire to do reasearch work in zoonotic diseases.
    plz help how can i fullfill my wish

    Thank Sir

  • Nazia

    Dear Jars, i’m a BBA student. i’s wondering if you can give me an information if there’s any scope of undergraduate Mombusho-scholarship…i’ll be highly obliged.. Thank you.

  • Ripon Kumar Sikder

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Ripon Kumar Sikder, Assistant Manager of Bangladesh Agricultural development corporation. I got my B.Sc (Hons) Degree from Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University of Dhaka, Bangladesh with First class . Now I am looking for a Scholarship to get admission in the MS cum PhD programme. So please help me to get the way of achieving Monbukagasho scholarship to carry on my higher stdy in Japan. Thanks a lot.

  • Hi, Lars, I´m Santiago from Venezuela, graphical designer and cartoonist too. I’ve been applying for this scholarship too so that I can study comic art in Japan and I’ve had some problems for find advisors in this field. I ‘ve been searching for one year and there is not any recuest yet. Next week I will be taking the English exam… If you know any direction or some advisor I can send him an email I would be grateful since you are working in the same area.

  • thanks a lot!! Lars

  • Hasna Shyeedul Islam

    Chairman/Secretary General

    Most respected Sir,

    We came to know about your association and laudable role in the field of culture & literature. We too have been working in the arena of culture and literature under the umbrella namely LALON PROJONMA (Lalon’s Progeny) Lalon was a mystic philosopher who preached his philosophy through his songs. His songs are charming and most educative. LALON PROJONMA is destined to boost up culture and literature by utilizing Lalon’s songs. We are eager to enrich our way of thinking and orbit of knowledge acquiring practical experience from your association.

    Would you please be kind and co-operative enough to send two invitation letters in favour of the persons mentioned below to make us grateful forever.

    We are,
    Sincerely yours
    Hasan Shyeedul Islam
    Lalon Projonma
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    Bangladesh Supreme Court,
    Writer, Columnist & Chief Patron,
    Lalon Projonma

    3. Hasan Shyeedul Islam
    Assistant Programmer, Poet, researcher & President,
    Lalon Projonma

    Revered Dean of
    Faculty of Language, Literature & Culture



    Most Respected Sir,

    Being informed by some professor of the above Faculty I came to know that there are numerous facilities and opportunities for the persons interested and devoted to research works about culture and literature, I the undersigned beg to lay before you the followings with a hope to availing your all sorts of co-operation:-

    1. That, I am a poet and researcher very interested in research works.
    2. That, I also believe on : there is no limit of acquiring knowledge nor it has any age-limit, As such I am also eager to avail the chance of acquiring knowledge. But due to my pecuniary inability I need to be facilitated with scholarship.
    3. That, I have strong-writing power and superior perception with sufficient experience of computing.
    4. That, you are requested to inform me, if you need, through Email
    Should you be kind enough to provide me any opportunity on an any job and make me obliged thereby.

    I am
    Friendly yours
    (Hasan Shyeedul Islam)



    H.S.C, Diploma in Computing


    (a) Name of the organization : Education Engineering Department.
    Under Education Ministry
    Duration : 15 June 1993 to 30 April 2000
    Position : Computer Operator
    Phone : 9569360 (Office)
    (b) Name of the organization : Engineering Science Inc., USA
    Duration : 1st August 1992 to 30 June 1993
    Position : Computer Operator
    (c) Name of the organization : Dhaka Infrastructure Improvement Project
    Duration : 17 December 1991 to 30 July 1992
    Position : Computer Operator
    (d) Name of the organization : Uticom Computers Center
    Duration : 1st June 1989 to 1st July 1991
    Position : Computer Instructor
    FATHER’S NAME Md. Muzharul Islam
    DATE OF BIRTH 4th April 1968
    RELIGION Islam (Sunni)
    NATIONALITY Bangladeshi
    PERMANENT ADDRESS Vill:Panpara, Dist:Laxmipur,
    Thana: Panpara, Country: Bangladesh .
    a) Writer of the Book “Nafser Natai” (Poetry)
    b) Writer of Research Book “Prova” (Corruption is created from human sense & Character in Modern Scientific way)
    c) The Poetry Book “Nirbasito Kabita Gucha” (Including Government Famous Employee’s Poetry Collection Book ).

    Computer literacy & English Language Course From Regional Public Training Center
    by the Education Engineering Department under Ministry of Education.

    1. Position : President of LALON PROJONMA

    Publisher : Hasan Sariful Islam

    [All rights reserved by the poet]

    1st Published 1st February, 1997(Bengali)
    2nd Published 6th June, 2007 (English)

    Price : 1 (one) Dollar

    Nafser Natai

    Original: Hasan Shyeedul Islam
    Translated: Chokdar Muhammad Abdus Satter

    We see ourselves living in a world of illusion. What we look around of us we try to find out a meaning of that and wish to ask what is the tenet of great universe? What is our position here? How did it come? And where did we come from? Why is the Earth is so, as it is now?

    Why was the great universe begun such a way, is a question tough to explain. Only explanation may be that one Creator did so with an intention to create us.

    Majority of the scientists had been busy to collect the information of the nature of universe, but why is this universe – they had no time to ask such a question. On the other hand, the philosophers who had such responsibility to ask such question they failed to pace with the advancement of scientific concepts. The scientists of eighteenth century would think that whole the arenas of knowledge including science would have been there working field. But the science during nineteenth century became more mathematical and based on technology. That is why, science became out of understanding to all masses including philosophers excepting a few specialists. The philosophers decreased their orbit of observation such a way that Wiltgenstein the greatest philosopher of the century said, “The working arena of philosophy remains limited to philological analysis”. What a degradation of Aristotle and Kant’s heritage.

    Stiffen W. Hocking


    Modern poem is not, but an art related to life. Its sparks come out as if `light from litting the life’. The easiest inauguration of life-awareness can be possible by poems only. In no garden of other branches of art that is possible. When the diverse feeling of life are vibrated and bewitched the mind of a poet then becomes vocal; the words being chains build poem- the minaret. Every poem side by side with its vivid depiction creates Tajmahal of feelings. This is why modern poem is the creation of life-awareness and artistry.

    Features of a modern poem lie in its diversification and multifarious themes. The more one poem is healthy with vivid reality the more it would be life-based. The physic of modern poem mostly built upon depiction of life and carnalism, concert of woes and wails and constructed upon atoms or molecules of contemplations and feelings.

    It is doubtless that `Nafser Natai’ a composition of poems composed by young poet Hasan Shyeedul Islam retains that new form and traits. The sway of flowing time with life and causation has been deeply felt in this book of poems. Poem is not merely submission to women’s feet or not only the worship of nature. How incarnal the poem can become with diving deep in to the abbeys of life that has been reflected in the poems of Hasan Shyeedul Islam. The poet has looked into the riches of the world in the screen of creations. The women are seen in many ways and various evolutionary process – from damsel’s liveliness to mother’s affection. The gulf of difference he felt between illusion and reality. The poems in this book of poetry are completely filled up with the marginal elements of love, affection, emotion and dreams.

    Here is no slightest negligency to overcome the inconsistencies in life and self-conflicts, composition of lines with shortest word or words; vivid language and beautiful ornamentation have made his poems easy-readable.

    This book as I expect, verily, ought to gain much popularity among the readers of all classes who are lovers of life and poems.

    Ist March, 1403 B.S Delwar Hasan
    Department of History
    The University of Dhaka & G.M The Daily New Nation


    Sl. No. Name Page No.
    1. A Spool of Self 7
    2. The Herons 8
    3. Good Bye O’ Chisti 9
    4. Delirium of Tolstoy 11
    5. The Poet 12
    6. Would You Recognize 13
    7. You 14
    8. Felicitation of New Day 15
    9. New World 16
    10. O’ Veiled Woman 17
    11. Intimate Invitation of Entity 18
    12. O’ The Pedestrian to Come 19
    13. Absconded Adorator 20
    14. Enchoring in Emptiness 21
    15. Expression of Illusion 22
    16. Enchaining Inchantation 23
    17. Blooded 24
    18. Adversity 25
    19. Tidings of Heaven 26
    20. Wall Writing 27
    21. Decrepit Is Inevitable 28
    22. Ka’ba Ka’ba 29
    23. Colour Game 30
    24. Undone Adam 31
    25. Thabor Khaiya (Being Slapt) 33
    26. Differences (Babodhan) 34
    27. Conscience of Desire (Sadher Bibek) 35
    28. Unable (Woporag) 36
    29. Prayer (Pratthona) 37
    30. Mask of Pains (Bedoner Mukhosh) 38
    31. Biting of Forbidden Fruit (Gandhamer Jala) 39
    32. Traditional Current (Gatanugatic Srot ) 40
    33. Coming and going of Sacred being (Pabitra Attayer Chala Fera) 41

    Sl. No. Name Page No.
    34. Slogan of Victory (Bijoyer Slogan 42
    35. Testing Happiness and Pain (Sukh-Dukher Ghran) 43
    36. The Undone Pedestrian (Shorbo Santo Pathochari) 44
    37. Revolution (Biplop) 45
    38. The Youths 46
    39. The Bereaved Soul 47
    40. A Cry 48
    41. The Dignity 49
    42. The Medicine 50
    43. Ailment (Badhee) 51
    44. Make Not Nest 52
    45. Driven Back By Fate (Pashchatay Felay Delay Newoti) 53
    46. A Life 54
    47. Whirlpool 55
    48. Stiring 56
    49. Reality 57
    50. On Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath 58
    51. Soul In The Sea of Errors 59
    52. Love Making of Sky With Sea 60
    53. Pomegranate of Pain 61
    54. Dream Letter 62
    55. Coll (Shidur) 63
    56. Confined 64
    57. Sadhu 65
    58. Dishonest 66
    59. You are Now 67
    60. Lilakamal 68
    61. Moon the Goblin 69
    62. Companions In Embarking Shore 70
    63. Prometheous 71


    Suddenly the tomb of dream goes to an end
    With great trouble I hang at the edge of life.
    The wind of age blows away the maiden’s scarf
    And she glitters, as if the back of Hilsha fish does
    O’ No, it’s her coiled physic full of fat
    Forth with, the breathing goes up with fire of sex
    And the gazing of luster leaks and leaks
    The bread of carnality
    Whoever hears whom, that is absurd hopelessness.
    The wheel of civilization advances too fast
    Today the piles of vices is being spread by the women
    Who is so undaunted able to check the spool of self ???


    When the herons come in swarm
    All are elated in the abandoned lake of century
    As if they have got their lives back;
    The river is dead like snake
    Goes back to the current of youth with rapture.
    The clamor of herons expand the water
    As if it is the tumult high-tide
    Should all go floating
    Their beaks smear little mud
    There are tumult of lives in the campus of nature.
    Once they go away creating waves in the sky
    And disappear in the blue horizon
    Their feathers sunk in sun’s charm and glitter
    Being severed, cry and cry with despair.
    Where do they go, the swarms of herons?
    And their painful clamours jingled.
    They come to tear my distressed heart
    And to ransack my spring opened
    And goes away towards a hemisphere on their wings.
    Why do they come to stir the soul not satiated?


    The coffin has been wrapped to bid you good bye ;
    Eliminating darkness you are kept in own land
    Let you sleep calm and quiet on her lap-good bye!
    We are standing on a globe namely Earth
    Wherein we are distressed and can’t say:
    O’ the soul, good bye! good bye!

    Your departure was sudden and not guessed
    Thus we failed to become prepared for it
    O’ Almighty! forgive us for our wrongs and falsity

    When thy soft body was laid down straight
    Which was covered by cloth and kept on plain floor
    Thy head was slanted one side with closed eyes.
    The two legs were tightly knotted hard
    Thy face seemed the face of an infant.
    The infant who was not exchanged him for Earth.

    Your father’s wailing was reflecting in your grips.
    We loitered around your inert physic
    Your heart was not making any sound.
    You departed for a calm, quiet and lifeless sphere
    It was beyond our reach, guess and feelings.
    Even today we search and search thee eagerly
    Do you stay at blue space after the stars?

    Death is the chapter covers us with darkness
    Which is incumbent and non-evading for a moment
    That comes to us getting up the rocket of times
    No, we can’t evade it with all might in Earth

    You used to tell us: The moment is not known
    When the deadly dark guests shall come in our doors.”

    You used to tell: “Faith is one
    Its numerical at right enhances value
    Numerical at left gives nothing more.
    I get your sway and faith with numbers right.
    O’ our reminiscence still retains thee.

    Sometimes in small island of the lake
    Our gathering of faith would take place
    It was a time either mid-day or dawn
    We loitered on the grasses wet with dews
    At a place along the lake after Fagr.

    On the benches of the park we chatted much
    You were too nearer in my very bosom
    Some times you were smiling sweet
    And your heart elated like shady branch
    As if you lived depth into life ensuing
    Often that would make you stirred.


    “ O’ proud-being, you are going to die within spring”
    I know, death welcomes me, yet why do I fear?
    I have painted endless frosty nature – was it not?
    Was it to hug under the tent made of white feathers,
    Why is calling?

    It appears with a might not to be confronted
    In drowsiness the vicious creature makes pain.
    It looks like dolphin, frightened
    That’s tongue breathless and repented
    O’ Lord! is the death really fixed?

    Grandeur of youth, fallen women and rave Vodka
    Made the bright life like star weaker
    The lungs in bent empty ribs suffer darkness
    Thus he looks and fixes eyes as bright sun, fixed.

    A few days only passed the boy knew not to be tired
    Fatigue pervaded him not, he was simple to play with pillow
    He used to laugh and laugh so undaunted incessant
    As if it was rapture full to the brim
    It is endless uncontrolled.

    The wolves play behind the lines of birches
    The ignorant butcher runs fast smiling
    Ah! his fired eyes show his arrogance
    I have forgot God’s immutable Laws
    The frightened eyes, as if hear wolves roars
    Alas! the time has played its role incomprehensible.


    The pain breeds the poets
    They know not how to cry
    Their eyes beget arts-arts only
    They retain the poisonous pin
    On their ribs for others’ failure.

    Their bloody breasts make up and down
    As the bellows do
    You are covered with your garb
    So that decoration remains intact
    Can the depth of love weighed?

    O’ they spread charming garbs in sensualism
    Should their eyes been looked at
    Bashful drops would have seen clinged.

    They hover through the raft like cloud dreamy
    There reflects in their minds – a flower not bloomed
    And the beauties of nature in spring
    They represents time but are enchained by fate
    Their rafts vanish forthwith as if frost goes.


    Would you recognize?
    That face is bald, head is bearded
    Two hands hold glass instrument
    Two big tanks are in the eyes.

    Would you recognize?
    Bushes of green nature are pained in garbs
    Red light is lit in the fore head
    The body is covered by radish skin
    Red signal is seen on the leaves.

    Would you recognize?
    I can’t gaze at even for two minutes
    The heart shows sensualism.
    Knot of dream becomes torn
    The conscience begs alms.

    Would you recognize?
    Bright dews laugh with teeth of parls
    The blackness of soul goes down
    The laughter is heard like tap-recorder
    The sleep at night is ruined.

    Would you recognize?
    It attracts like magnate
    The path is lost even at broad daylight
    There requires no liquors
    The heart automatically becomes mad.

    A swarm of stars run after gazing
    Where will you go O’ the hypocrite?
    There are traps, charms and highest beauty
    Where will dive — no you will not know.


    Thy eyes create poets for the time being
    And the curl is the flag of revolters
    And cheeks instinct sensualism in youths
    Thy proud nape makes the virility daunted.

    Your talk seems to be so sweet like Hamilton
    From thy laughing gushes out long springs
    When you loiter the whole world is looted
    And your deceit makes the world distracted.


    In the eve of day the morning sun leaves wrapper of dews
    The broken walls of dews fly like cotton fibbers in the winds
    The trees firm by branches and leaves drop dews weeping.
    The dews drop and drop through cornice with their sound
    O’ they are being reflected in the bosom of heart
    The vicious sound of materialist civilization becomes inert.

    I open my eyes and see with idleness and charm
    This evolution that occurs every now and then
    The birds having sweet tone hide their heads in feathers
    O’ they talk devout themselves by pulse and heart bits
    The nature pours its sweet honey of calmness.

    The horizon little by little brightens by rays of the sun
    Our poor eyes are colored by perfume stone
    The dews on the grass blaze like the jewels and pearls
    The roses, juees, belis and chamilis and many others
    They dance with living greens and taking bath
    As if they competing to become pure – holy
    It seems such a way of writing the view-card of morn
    That’s a felicitation of new day for the mankind

    When I touch the pair of leaps, it makes lot of beats
    Thy curl flies around you incessant
    And makes a dimension too charming
    Oh! it’s a perpetual spring, vivid and sacred
    And the eternal morn as if is altar enchained;
    Life enters into the Art Gallery unknowingly

    When they annoyed and displeased eyes shed tears;
    The morning view-card then becomes blurred
    And the nature loses her seasonal circle of beauty.
    All of mine become scattered and indisciplined
    I ponder over the distance between you and me.


    A new world rises before your eyes like nests
    No, it’s a big garden of faith of ever blooming flowers
    Nature here is too bewitching, sweet and decorated
    The dreamy wind blows all the time gently
    The hot moments of eternal time gushes out as drops
    As if they are cold water melted from ice
    Bashful it is, not dreamy flowers bloomed.
    Amorous wicked gaze often goes to see
    To see the eager flowered being
    The affection, the dews are hidden in bashfulness.
    Eyes of deer are moving like gems of asp
    The hive soul of heart as if is dreamy land.
    The worldly riches are seen in the screen of vision
    I can’t enjoy but burn by uncontrolled instinct
    Too little we can touch
    And the riches go on the backs of the time
    Can we smell the flagrancy of all flowers?

    I only can touch thee………….
    I can be the traveler in your whole garden destined
    Whole the entity can be inhaled with ease – fine
    I can feel whirlpool of feeling of love
    You can be beautified with flowers of joy.

    I can extend myself up to the edge of time to come
    The time bears us like bridal car and throws us not
    In the way of life you are my experienced mate
    The aim of your entity is to take accounts of me.

    No where, but my space craft halts beside thee
    I found thee whenever you were amid with many
    And therefore my eyes were brightened satiated
    Through out my whole heart music was heard.

    O’ you are abstract expression of my heart
    I see numerous blessings of God in thee
    Why I would leave that ………………
    And enter into dustbin?


    O’ veiled woman! your bright eyes sayeth:
    How vast is the beauty you retain;
    You don’t require to be measured by foot.
    You don’t require to be ranked with women
    Who severed dresses to become “ Miss World”
    You are also not created to stand by Venus
    Made of smooth and transparent stones
    Nor even you are aimed at remaining hanged
    Like Monalisa in the wall.

    You are a common woman
    Made of living cells within our reach
    You are present in reality of daily life.

    None requires you to won like Hillary and Tenjin
    And they do not require climb up Everest.
    No, none require cross the sea as Columbus did
    Verily, to win your mind no Kingdom is to conquer.
    In the middle of your two mighty arms
    There is a big channel of victory.

    Your are dominant here
    The bell of your victory rings here
    If the reckless waves of life touches you
    You become rapture by an innocent pleasure.

    Seven colors of rainbow cross your chin
    And the particles of beauties float
    Some times it seems recklessness of maiden
    Some times it shows liveliness of damsel
    Some times you are affectionate and crafty
    And at a stage you show motherly vivid love.


    O’ come alone and give thy sway
    You will squeeze me like string of plant
    It is my intimate call, be with me only.

    No sensualism of sinner — no more sin
    The bosom as if seems to be a war-wrecked field
    The awful rays of feelings shower down
    Pains shed dews lonely and expect morn
    Procession of calmness goes with poster of hatred
    And cross the very bosom of my heart.
    Would you be felt in me with brightness
    Thy sway shall give pacification, liveliness
    Come once in dream or give sway bashfully
    I jump up from the dream and loiter alone
    I only prattle and feel guilty to my own self

    If you come, I shall get touch of spring – sweet – cold.
    I shall not care for any restriction to ornate you
    The suppressed lust be freed and jump upon thee
    Endless pearl like lust shall cover the entire bridal bed


    The spring of doom-day drown in the ribs injured
    How long is its navigating power;
    The dews fall with care from palace of entity
    It is severed, thirsty and showering tears
    O’ the pedestrian to come
    Don’t you audile call and cry;

    The auger maker sound beside the window
    The autumn makes waves in the spot of living nature
    In the world of birth, it peeps into again and again.
    The flowers of pumpkin bloom and expand
    Often they create sadness and oblivion.

    In to the abyss of sea I have placed the fishing stick
    The wicked putis (Tittle fishes) come silence and peck
    An untold pain expands and spreads
    And that comes to the bank to be vanished forever.
    O’ the pedestrian; do your eyelids reflect in the incarnation?


    Heart rendering wind blows incessant
    I only feeleth not thy sway
    The reckless eyes reach horizon and return
    I only feeleth not thy sway.

    Being pecked by reality I am imbalance
    The eyes are blurred and full of tears
    I gaze after being pained unexpressed
    I only feeleth not thy sway.

    The river flows being made of melted ice of affection
    In the shade of profane dreamy green planet moves
    The life planned by unable goes in vain
    I only feeleth not thy sway.

    Pain destines long, makes whistle hard
    My golden moment of youth is lost forever
    Alas! the box of your expectation topples down
    I only feeleth not thy sway.
    Taking chance some of us avoids darling in soul market
    They are their men lose all in the light of all ages
    The parallel lines never intersect each other.
    If the weighty night prolongs behind the mirage
    Save life, go away ——
    Let the forest of autumn leaves wastage
    And the illusionary dream should remain red
    Melted ice ought to be wiped out of life buoy
    The lives where grow unplanned and un-cared for
    How far the lives there may be valued for?


    The life is procreated in the mid of endless space
    Verily, it started from the abyss unending
    Life beginning from nucleus to the perfection
    Does it carry only the wheel of emptiness?

    Your conflict with emptiness
    Makes my eyes wet with tear
    And my heart expands and contacts;
    Yet the poet failed to hang in the nature.
    Emotion, upraises and fall bring crux in life
    I hold cord of life to show emptiness.
    But the ship must board with riches
    And makes me look at horizon unending.


    Our hearts are not doors
    Knock it not without informing
    Don’t say: May I come in please!

    Would you show your teeth
    And keep eyes askance
    Forehead will be shriveled
    And shedding a hot breath
    Say: Let my life deposited to you.

    You would bid good by after drowsiness
    And shall say before : I am engaged.
    You may think yourself illusionary
    And you are extinguishing thirst with water
    ——— a current, a source of this life
    Or it is a expression of illusion
    Is it for collecting this honey?
    And the seeds of bitterness gone?
    All would be sacrificed before all vanish
    So why do you beat drum of motherhood:

    Come to pass whole the hour in pleasing games
    And let the collusion of bodies create foam of sweat
    Let this known Earth become unknown.


    At a stage, I had friends surrounding me
    You came and told: ‘they are not friends.
    Once my life followed current of spring
    You told: it’s not at all a life style.
    Once my heart was wounded by thorns
    But you told: No, the moon peeps into whole the time
    Once my speedy walking had sound scattered
    You assured: ‘I have my port hidden in thee.’

    At a stage I had agitated dreams without base,
    You pointed: ‘here is milestone in my stirring eyes.
    Once I had deedly confrontation with youth
    You came to tell: ‘Here is enchained enchanting
    Once my legs would tread the earth unplanned
    You came and told: Let you follow a simple path
    —– I search thee behind.


    Wants Not
    The soul does not want
    A body Entirely Blooded


    You could recognize yourself by adversity of time
    You gave salvation from illusion of faith
    I shed tear and got my vision too clear
    Why do you come to cover me with illusion?

    I feel electric shock to gaze you
    And a bitter pain I feel all along
    The eyes shed tears incessant
    And my heart is rolled over by cascade –water

    Tears – no, that is malted pain’s fall
    That is melted by the heat of pains to vanish
    O’ no; man is not a tree to remain dumb eternally
    The expanding roots shall take away life’s blood.
    No; we have no faith —- faith is the crown
    We knot the unseen faith with cord of love
    And we make illuminated artistry of relation
    We through the palace of faith
    And take shelter under others’ jaws without fear.


    In the twilight dim I shall pass
    I shall join in black horizon far away
    Form the edge, the cover of darkness shall fall
    All entity shall vanish with inward thoughts.

    I will not lose my legs in silver field wet
    I won’t stir taking pure sweet and cold wind
    And the unbloomed flowers will not respond to morn-song
    Forth with, heavenly tidings snatch away heart – beats

    Your love never shall misguide me to be undaunted
    And my sensory shall not respond to your arrival
    I must not be anxious during autumn bitten by loneliness

    The cold shall touch the inert body by the chirr of dews.
    All the coming springs shall go one by one
    The inert body never shall stir,
    The invincible frost shall fade way rapture of spring.


    Let your heart like wall be written by chalks of desire
    Do you think over the absence of faith in love
    Indifference of a moment makes iron-door of soul trivial
    The ship full of gems and pearls go forthwith
    Today the faith has lost mother.


    In the mirror of mind there reflects now
    The game of life and death inevitable
    Sound of falling trees, reckless blowing are felt
    And the drowsy deer pass frightened hastily
    And I feel in my bosom trembling sound.

    When lean and thin old age drives,
    Distinct sound of prayer is heard
    While the time takes to the edge of the way
    Sweet of undertone songs no more are heard
    Whole the beings go astray and thirst remains unsatiated
    Each heart beat experiences sway of heaven unattainable

    That’s the time to begin the observation
    Inevitable decrepitude so brings the game of life and death
    When the way is merely started the youth calls folding hand
    Then suddenly the cascade jumps down some where
    As if a maiden runs violently

    Once verily, it will coincide with, blue endless wisdom
    O’ unfortunate failure, opium wine and loneliness-
    They make the fired youth inert at each touch
    The distance between illusionary and real clouds
    Then becomes unending and numerous.


    You are glad when you get and annoyed when denied
    Give me bottomless oceanic water, comeliness of moon
    Greenness of vegetation, beauties of fruits
    Humming of hornet, heart-rendering coo of cuckoos
    Bunches of krishna chura, charming breeze.
    Give me all those completely without shortage.
    Let my whole body be wet as peacock does.

    Let the chirping of birds with morn of spring
    Plant in the field of my heart like the farmers
    So that, emotion, induction and elated leafy image
    Give me sway whole the time.

    Let me dance expanding the wings as the butterfly does.
    Give me chance to live alone, freedom to do something
    And let my emotion enliven with mur mur of spring.

    Let my vanity allow to smash that of yours
    And cut completely your eye brows to get rid of fear
    Draw collyrium in my big eyes by the painting brush
    That collyrium is built on dream and illusion
    And let that direct towards the current of time on raft.

    Now I realize, I never be treated as a lover
    Until I can slap on beloved’s soft fatty cheek.
    If I sacrifice all, yet I would remain coward
    Until my slapping will not make mark on cheek,
    And she never shall treat me as a man of dream.’


    My blurred image is no more in your eyes
    The colored photo has usurped and charmed those
    Once I forecasted and assured you that,
    ‘All the illusions behind this image must vanish’
    Shedding tear and nose-water you would claim
    ‘No –no it’s blur –not so shaky’;

    Then I use to tell about the greed
    Which would have stolen you towards palace
    In reply you smiled and tore grasses
    And used to say:
    “I won’t go any where leaving this green carpet”
    Even you told, “ be sure I would be star in the seven world
    And I shall be dwelling long time before the earth
    I shall observe the civilization to come
    As a representative of this age.

    No way my life can be enchained ever
    Whatever the nature of trap it may be
    O’ men for six-seasons, you are my companions
    And other amongst you either is father or relations.

    Some times I used to say: Are we not passing fine
    In this blue sky we hover through century after century
    Is it not, we are at ease
    Turning the face bashful
    And making the annoyed eyes painful you told:
    “Oh; have I not to desire even this?”

    I replied, “ O’ how long this game of love shall continue
    Why both sides of life like covers are printed
    Printed with watercolor of emotion and insanity?

    What pleasure do it give with this dream of debt?
    All the abusive languages I can recall no more
    Otherwise once I would decorate the abuses
    And verily would hand over to you.


    Tell me O’ my Love ————–
    Will my ruin cause any harm to you
    If unnecessarily I lie and move on the sandy road?
    And a huge heap of despair reflects on the visions
    And if memory like dried leaves piles up in the heart
    What is the harm to you?

    If the alley of the bar becomes only way to pass
    And to escape from the earth I enter into the brothel
    And when I look tired and slugged like the actor
    I am laughed at by all.

    Tell me O’ my love…………..
    Will my ruin cause any harm to you?

    If my youth fades away like Krishna chura (A flower)
    And the time throws away the wrapper of weak oldness
    The darkness no more leaves the life
    The youthfulness becomes blur in the bay secretly
    And I hear the sound of breaking bank every day.

    Tell me O’ my love………..
    Will my ruin cause any harm to you?

    If due to bite of white cobra I am to wait for death
    The poison spread at every breath and reaches to heart
    And vivid spring fades away by delirium
    The cruel roars of white boar tear not the net of frost
    And reaches not in your ears.

    Tell me O’ my love;
    Will my mother sheds tear like eternal sculptor
    Each and every moment her pain of delivery increases
    And her every breathing is felt painful
    So she ask: O’ children prolong not the delivery time.
    Tell me O’ my love;
    Will my fall cause any harm to you?

    If the Creator looks silently at disgusted creation
    And the greatest creation is squeezed by sensualism
    Firm land of creation is submerged by salty water
    And is losing self-restraint

    O’ he is driven away by beloved with abhorrence
    How miserably the sons of Adam become undone?

    (Being Slapt)

    I am the ignorant, bewildered being slapped in dream
    I take adulterated Bangla-wine siting in the loneliness.
    O’ Hurmuti! let you fly away from your rib
    And make the men undone with others help
    Let their lives become completely smashed
    And all nonsenses shall jump like the frogs.

    Catch them — catch them with your two legs
    Let the hurricane hand over to them day and night
    For the soul with torn dresses.
    O’ the Fakir Chand! let you bind all with faked gold
    And leave threatening, deceit and wickedness.


    When during your passing the path
    You are winner and bewitched in joy
    I was sitting alone with my pains knotted with thread
    Then I fetchen one by one the buds of reminiscence

    The light post that posses limited light to expose
    And wish to wipe out the deep darkness of failed life
    Your’s is a bright silver colored face like full-moon
    Which creates waves of comeliness.

    Your overwhelming joy makes me stir to envy
    Biting in my brains makes me laughed at more
    My wishes lose existence making sound of fast horses
    They vanishes fast one by one in the deep mirage
    I loiter helpless with septic under the garbs
    The horrible time keeps me suppressed
    The aggressive flames of your dreams attack me
    And paint marks of evil in my forehead.
    A group of rivers having mighty currents
    Make my heart without softness stirred
    And sings in a tone that makes bewitched.

    (Sadher Bibek)

    Conscience of desire sinks into the sea of pains
    It only makes wrong and sinks into source of pains
    The Satan leads us towards the path of astray
    And the power of faith is enchained by atheism.
    It only makes wrong and touches the pain-stone.

    No poet now makes up mind to write poems
    Seeing the bashful face of any well smiling woman
    Or being charmed by her charming eye-gazes
    Or seeing the alphabets of love in her eye-brows
    No –none of them now count time at night,
    Perfect poets have fled away leaving poetizing
    Because they have seen the new trend of poetry.
    And some of them have replaced the perfect poet
    The women are made the exhibits of hypocrisy.

    With the passage of time …………
    Will not any youth convey his wishes to any woman?
    That wishes of soul are decorated with dreamy artistry.

    Annoyed children will cross path burnt and carpeted
    Through the stages of pains.

    If we would search the truths and its symbols
    And stand on the earth and direct our fingers
    As we search the Eid-Day moon
    Verily we would observe the photo of men
    In the mirror of perfect men.


    When the life fails to explore happiness
    Dreams-dreams only prevail there
    The sway of dream never makes men weep
    The ignorant men cry out in the Earth
    When they observe here the sign of greed.

    Oh! they are powerful house in dreamy spring
    They run beside the life with great vitality
    It’s a dream — an enchanting winged horse.

    It rises up in my mirror of soul haphazardly
    Its bewitching gaze, brightening of golden curl
    Keeps a heavenly mark in our mind.

    Human being never stops and knows not to stop
    They never return and can not return.
    They being smashed by the time unending
    Go to sink in the abyss of time forever.


    O’ Almighty, the entity of truth touches me not!
    In the spiritual world I am the only soldier
    And in my living cells self-instincts bring cyclone
    The conscience becomes wet by greed’s savor.

    O’ Lord, the entity of truth no more calls me!
    I am not driven by sacredness, nor pinched by love.
    And the truth no more piles up in my rib.

    O’ Lord, the entity of truth no more touches me!
    My faith goes down below zero-degree
    If the sexy damsel smiles at me in sweet tone
    I become respired,
    Will they wish to defeat me against their defeat?

    O’ Almighty, the thorns are spread through out!
    I can’t place my legs in the rocket of opposite desire
    O’ the Creator, I am not touched by the entity of truth!

    (Bedoner Mukhosh)

    Where do you go wearing a mask of severe pains?
    Let us go to our Lord ………….

    The wings of heart is damaged by wicket vermin
    The cough of annoyance frozen in neck
    And the fire of hatred burns the human feeling.

    There is felt no stirring of pulse.
    That by no way matters any thing
    We must tell to the Almighty
    There is piled up much sins in mind
    They no longer are absorbed
    That matters little to us
    We must weep and be cleaned.

    (Gandhamer Jala)

    O’ Adam, forbidden fruit bites you
    I understand your sense of pain…….
    The poison of bitterness raises froth in your neck
    Your whole self is guided by violent sensualism

    And the mean desires make you senseless …..
    I also know whom do your eager look search for?

    You cherish thirst of vast Sahara ……
    Your sharp gaze like the pointed knife
    Run after the delusion only
    I know how does your heart like dew burn
    Burn in thy rib- a rib so strong
    And you are fired by the bright desires.

    Conscience leads you run like the horses
    Verily I must show you peaceful repose.

    In the plain of your gaze I will plant vegetation
    Vegetation that are unknown to you.
    I will pour in to guard of needle golden thread
    And will sew the bed cover of artistry of life

    (Gatanugatic Srot )

    Where do I go through the tunnel make by myself?
    We the mankind how easily are smashed away
    The most powerful soul with emotion and insanity
    And wishes to undo greatness of truth and beauty
    And desires to absorb best fragrance like sun-ray.
    We the mankind how easily are smashed away
    And throw away the cable of truth from soul.
    We covertly sink in the water of sensualism.

    How easily we float in the traditional current……….

    (Pabitra Attayer Chala Fera)

    Let you observe from the damaged pile of heart
    How long the rib have expanded by abidance of truth
    Lo! how the poverty and narrowness go like feathers
    And in the worldly life sacred being moves how silently?

    Would you pour poison full to the barrel of heart
    Will you play pipe of nagini to play with sinner
    Don’t we led by self desire and become destroyed

    Come once at best to simple path even if vainly.

    (Bijoyer Slogan)

    What are the cuts of teeth in your cheek?
    How are you so busy to search the definition of love
    What is the number of sign in your forehead’s plot?
    Then how do you expect to win over the fortune?
    How much is the number of springs in your eyes?
    How can you dare to mop sweat of burnt heart?
    What are the numbers of deprived nights passed by
    Even after that you want to open the door of love.
    How many bloody Palestine do you cherish?
    Yet you wish to attain the victory of “own entity”.

    Bees take honey, spiders take poison from flower
    Your cavity tastes poison and life-lamp lacks oil
    Numerous blue bees eat your heart mercilessly

    The love that comes speedily makes you hopeful
    You are hopeful even in the current of violent lava
    Let you choose aspect of golden aspiration
    And engrave deeply a vertical Alef in your heart.

    (Sukh-Dukher Ghran)

    Would you inhale scent of my pain and pleasure?
    Inhale the wind spread foul smell of burnt liver
    O’ you use to taunt, laugh at and leave me
    Ignorance is only the result of such an audacity.

    And I send pains to my bosom of heart?
    The pains made of you confront with my being
    My coiled soul being burnt turns into bright star
    What does extension of diamond-angles do?
    Does not this solid matter erupt fire?

    Do you need to test my happiness
    Whenever I drink salty water of remorse
    To wash myself as the sweet smiling women do
    How fine I feel then ………

    As if a small baby hangs in the nature
    As if it is tissue wetted by dews of peace.

    I sail my ship with my meager “earning”
    And I continue to knit my net of perfection
    Once I shall be no more in the ocean of creation
    And I must ask like that boy before Napoleon:
    “I would go to the shore to find out my mother”.

    (Shorbo Santo Pathochari)

    Oh! covertly and silently I shall descend
    From the peak of the civilization slowly.
    I must throw away completely
    The net of vivid spring and comely full moon.
    And incessantly I shall smear brightness
    Over the soul sunk in the sea of sin.

    Alien rapture amid with pleasure
    Must not make me envious and valiant
    Nor shall I become undone pedestrian
    By joining the race of illusionary life.

    I observe in the distant look of a begot
    As if whole the world trembles
    And in my perpetual execution place
    The executioners dance in circle.


    O’ the gray youth be not frightened by frantic dance
    Logic must show you the age of coming generation
    Would you not hear the songs of breaking?
    That’s a place where souls vanish by agony of time.
    The cruel animals salivate and awareness dazzles
    Darkness of age piles up through out the society.

    The sensualists run after enjoyment up to end
    Minaret of the mosque is covered by mosses
    Muazzin’s thirsty eyes show sign of fear.
    Would you not hear the songs of breaking?
    Life is bloomed and colored to free the entity.


    Too sad the youths have become
    They use microphone at bush forth with
    And wish to befriend the beasts of jungle.

    Too sad the youths have become
    Their ideal book has been lost
    That is hidden behind the arms
    Good and bad is not their concern now.

    Defeat no longer weakens the youths
    No semen failed remains to injure hearts
    They are busy reaching the dark world
    Two eyes painted by bright collyrium

    Still and lifeless they are as stones
    The light passes into mosquito-net
    The entire heart has become collapsed
    They now fail to strengthen the blows
    They today run after dazzling gems
    And their arms are attacked by cancer.


    O’ the follower of unending path, I ask thee
    How long is the destination
    Reply is: I only run after mirage

    I thus find the disgrace of failure
    Heart rendering cry I feel in abhorrence
    I am asked to smell gunpowder in soul
    Whole the heart is devilish sandy island.

    Fool I am! yet I dream unending
    Many bereaved souls advance hand to hand
    They are raptured in pleasure world
    They float towards blue horizon
    Their soul is alone.
    I am alone to think to be faded away
    Completely I shall once go away in blue sky
    But when my illusion is removed
    Cruel truth attacks me to aid the ruin.
    How wonder! I float in illusionary world.

    A CRY
    (Ekti Kanna)

    A cry drives after me whole the night
    A spade makes path broad on my ribs
    A breast is carpeted by thick boiled pitch
    The cry loiters in each heart with beats
    It resembles with moaning of an old man.

    The running train whistles in tragic tone
    Peeps into the casement of reminiscence
    The dusk is demolished by ruinous sound
    My tidy garden is demolished – devastated
    That makes me constrained to be misguided
    The red eyes attain calmness tasting liquor.

    My mind guess: I advance to hell verily
    When I look behind my recent past
    My sub-conscious mind looks me defeated
    I am a sinner, I sink deep into sins.

    I threw the matchstick on the floor
    But that turned to destructive explosion
    I saw the river advancing too reckless
    But I saw it not carrying mud of silts.

    That cry wishes me see unconscious
    It wants me to drive back
    To take me to dark alley of meanness
    Nothing shall I get I know
    Heap of dusts only shall I get.


    Sense of self-respect is being shattered
    It is disdained in each house and mind
    The souls fail to flourish based on dignity
    The skin of body is flayed and covered by mud
    That is a herb which enlivens soul.

    The dignity is thrown like rice
    Animals are taking that:

    Is not fleeing from one’s entity losing dignity?
    Is not remaining booze to be said losing dignity?
    Is not firing sensual light be said losing dignity?
    Is not frightening the damsel losing dignity?
    Is not love making by the cruel losing dignity?

    The dignity is being ransacked in men’s hearts
    Dignity is going away like soul of dead body
    Dignity is shattered like storm driven cover
    Goes away from incarnate ghost’s propensity.


    Best medicine for you is crying
    Your crying like flow of fountain
    Which falls as if salty rain falls in Sraban

    The dried soil is being muddy by you
    Heated sands and dusts make storm in summer
    Heat atmosphere is watered by yours tears
    Let agitated heart shivers as it occurs in winter.

    The clod in rib requires to be melted
    As if it is salt water made for sacrifice
    The black hairs in the breasts are seen
    As if the roots of hyacinth exist below.

    Let you wail to the Lord for life
    Ask Him for love and overcoming failure
    Want longevity and to get rid of deep grief
    And want peace for coming generations.

    I swear by God: I assureth thee
    If you do otherwise be weightless
    Be light more than helium and hydrogen

    For twinkle of time moth sits on bud
    Such way meanness and narrowness would go
    All are known to Great Lord
    That’s why His first lesson was ‘crying’
    Let the dead civilization go away forthwith.


    What can be severe ailment than loneliness?
    That makes the wings of flying bird inactive
    The myriad of fire-flies fly in the lonely night
    In the whirlpool of riches a cheat stoic begets.


    Why do you dress yourselves with fire?
    Should you cross the sun in shining?
    Should such shining be made?

    There grows thousands of species
    No longer you can be called with one name
    Do you know the cuckoos devoid of nest?

    (Pashchatay Felay Delay Newoti)

    The earth smiles with the arrival of spring
    Why do I fail to smile such a way?
    Human beings are tied together by love
    Why do I fail to unite such a way?

    Leafy branches, flowers, cooing of cuckoos
    Decorate the globe very fine and charmed
    I open my closed door pardoning all offence
    Whoever will give me liveliness again?

    When will sweet music ring in my heart
    And the cruel fist of all pain be broken
    And no more the tear shall fall to rib
    No more shall I be advancing toward death
    As the rat encased

    No more shall I dwell dumb on numerous flames
    If the fate drives me back, help me to be rescued.

    A LIFE

    The life only is one
    Would you rise again after fading away?
    If good is only saved where will the sin go?

    The life only is one
    If full moon is allowed only, new moon can’t exist
    Pain can not be separated from pleasure
    But once the bird of pleasure must arrive.


    The dawn means
    Sun rise, tiding of arrival
    Spread of brightness
    With glowing light unique
    Shivering nature, bud’s desire of rise .

    The morn of life means:
    Starts of nucleus, heart beat and rise
    Bright soul’s ascending to hard mead
    And hunger, separation and ailment
    And call by bell.

    The mid-day means:
    The burnt bud, blurred brightness
    The rotation of dusts in gloomy atmosphere
    And incessant cawing of thirsty crow
    Under such a rotation.

    The mid-day of life means:
    Attack of carnality, bewildering
    Showering of rain on warmed forehead
    Stream’s trembling in nature
    All rises a pile of many questions.

    The night means:
    Cover of darkness, deep blackness
    An inert earth, an age of procreation
    To rap by black garb
    The rays of setting light.

    The night of life means:
    Bewildered waiting, senselessness
    To undervalue human life with wrong glass
    Turing of mind to weights of weighing
    Immutable desire to be undressed of thin cover.


    For God’s sake; I must stir your entity of art
    You will find in your heart only me and none
    Forth with, I must wipe out those by spelling
    All artificial reposes near by you be vanished
    Trap of your loneliness would go for ever
    I must protect you within myself covertly.


    Would I be deprived of my due, whole the life?
    My desire neither was naked nor vast like ocean
    I was constrained to hug only deprivation
    Was it my crime, would cruel reality reply to it?

    Today my back crooks walking through alleys
    It creates wonder in the way of open desert
    My breast trembles in despair of being left by time
    All my days and nights go paralyzed all along
    The soil behind the legs seems trembling little
    From the sky of desire meteors fall down
    And in front of I find dazzling knife
    The birds lost last night sleepless in storm.

    Today my mind is fade up with hateful pains
    Now no way remains to paint oil-sketch of guess
    My mind no more is elated by beauty and emotion
    It only struggles to survive whole the time.


    My mind like temple cherished to say myriad
    You have painted that bird in forehead
    The tongue became inert, thin by difference of age
    You have trimmed that best by cord of rhyme
    There were waves and current and no illusion
    You have ornamented beautiful dancing girl
    Your sweet words make the love spring out
    The nation has got guidance stones turn soft.

    O’ the greatest poet of century the sun of Bengal
    I paint your picture in village of peasants
    And I rise flag of your achievement today
    Verily, I recall with reverence thy name.


    The dreams like decorated nest peeps into
    That builds wall of rainbow in the heart
    And disseminate love and love only
    All those were reared up in the hut of soul.

    When the diamond-dream was broken
    The wailing-flow becomes bewildered
    They engrave scene on the red sun.
    There is steamy narrow spring with jewels
    And underground black aggressive cave
    Ending of the day clot and senseless
    Which makes the jewelers recall all the day.

    It’s a stormy showering dark moment
    A dreamy town in the horizon heard in tales
    There is ablaze Alexandria and the souls
    The golden brocade is torn from balance
    All occurs when heart breaks.

    Doing wrong the soul stirs all along?
    Such occurs to the sinners as an act of fate
    Change of time follows opposite direction
    The men who are helpless like birds
    It were empowered by God

    They then would go behind the time
    And would kill their Parents.

    Thus such a dream goes to an end.


    The sea of endless depth, wonderful world, mur mur of waves
    During dusk when the shore dazzles it is engrossed in itself
    As if it is wedding bed amid with dancing sound wonderful
    It’s a mammoth gathering of fishes in the bushes of mosses.

    The sea once finds behind the waves, shadow of sky
    The unending sky have become blurred
    The sea told, “ Who are ill fated lying with grief face?
    The creatures are playing, looking azured bright net.

    Let you see behind by heart diamonds gems and jewels
    There dances millions of rays on the face of waves
    They make the eyes of pirates and mariners dazzled
    Whoever refrains from being jealous of sea’s riches?

    No, there is no such matter of absolute pride in the sky
    Let you say from the crowd of the birds from earth :
    What do you want, gift or honorarium
    The sea is the synonym of kindness.

    The firm sky like mountain and voice of cloud told:
    “ I have no treasure to preserve gems and jewels
    I have vastness and only nothingness
    There is endless unlimited expansion
    There are stars as the firefly glitters incessant
    There are collision of clouds and chirping of birds.

    The shadow of worm love lies up to the of horizons
    Come hither to me ascending the ladder with rain-bow
    Those who wait like greens, fields, vineyards and others
    Let them be enlivened and charmed with songs.


    Verily I am not a dealer
    I must not sell glaze of entity
    You can’t buy pomegranate of pain
    You can’t demonstrate your wailing.

    I have not given friend poison
    Yet, violence eries for separation.
    And wet coupled eyes gaze all the time
    It remains awakened with bowed look


    To what a life I look at
    Fingers is wrapped by dreamy life
    Running of perfect life is occupied by perverts
    O’ You come at night on the wing of Ospora
    Thou represent greatness of enlightened sacrifice
    Thon come to awake pedestrian in oblivion.


    `Mani’ tattooed with bloody coll, verily, is fine.
    Now I have become undone totally at last
    The reckless sea explores up from crater
    Lastly it vanishes in the salty estuary of sea.
    Which advances with current two speedily
    A fine charm it is, fruitless to ill lucky mind.


    Whole the life I was confined in your premise
    But what did I get?
    The firry fagoon comes of tree often sway of winter
    the hornets sing in the audile of flowers
    Natural cactuses bloom flagrant flowers
    Errors and guilt’s only visible in this garden.
    I have laid down in the cot of separation
    And come back as corpse to the doors of dreams.
    I lose entirely all in the world of illusion
    And I take bed in the decorated cot made with mead.


    His dreams hover over the Earth
    Where the arrow of love never fails
    He gazes and gazes at rain-bows
    Whole day night, a guide is vigilant.

    He upgrades Noor Jahan up to heaven
    He is a lover whose love touches the sky
    The sadhu dances nearby and enjoy not
    Yes, he is sadhu compared as touch stone.


    Will you not take oil more?
    The crafty uncles’ home gone rioted
    They can’t walk with their bellies ahead
    As if they are wastes of eaten cane.
    The peace and happiness value too high
    The men of intellect and wisdom Know
    That the creations are aimed at good
    The opposite intention leads to ruin
    The fruit ‘makal’ is too attractive
    But is valueless for it lacks food value
    When the brains go out of the head
    The own entity the soul left the body.
    Seal of ignorance is fixed in his cheek
    The men of honesty and dignity know
    That’s the end to a life – the certain ruin
    The path of perversion is a hateful trap.


    You are a flower fallen down
    As if a balloon where from gas goes out
    Your fusion of deceit is astray, mud
    Hastily goes life force without creativity
    You are merely a paint brush of artist
    Your traits become distinct in water colour
    You decorate the ocean with fountains – deep rivers
    You have all colour of emotion but not the sun.
    All the time your are fire against weeping of adorator
    The star fallen ! a moon which has been looted;
    Thou snatch away the life buoy from voyager dies
    And thy parasite capture whole the atmosphere.

    You are an instance in the nature, a book read out
    They poisonous blood shows rapture by gazing charmed
    Thou are a tigress entrapped by the hunter
    Where have the ducks gone making sound Toi Toi.


    O’ the sunflower, how have you bloomed full;
    Still the sun has not appear, don’t you mark
    Sea is enchained with innumerous habitations
    There prevails shells with their sharp edges
    The sky is red and no where any star is found
    The land has become cracked and savour

    O’ my sister keep your Lilakamal preserved
    The wicked men shall gaze at you with vice
    You will be loser, your charm shall go
    A goddess unattractive without worshippers.


    I must lit lamp at the arch of golden hill
    A posterity is to be begotten changing minds
    It would be an especial posterity white as moon
    Memorial plate is to be set before a monument gone
    Sensuality would be replaced by light, will you accept me?
    Too sweet is the paramours flower chain – shell of youth
    It must aggress your glaze beyond knowledge incessant
    Thy insanity eagerness and pleasure shall lose charm
    Mundane life shall prevail over the lives of posterity
    O’ teacher be not encased in well, have peace-sister


    O’ my friend of embarking shore, during odd times
    You have become enrisked raising sail in winds
    The insects gather in great number in a forest old
    The demons laugh in Brindaban of darkness

    O’ ill-lucky your sand is touched by last ray at dusk
    You rely on broken oar and thereby become befooled
    Who is that mad dance at the edge of ditch of hill?
    Can you expect evaluation of vigilant guard at Bhagirat?
    In the bright dawn I have found you no where
    North Eastern moon when arose you were entrapped.


    I must return in this blue Earth again
    I must come back with thirsty eyes of Chatak
    I will come to this shady earth from your world
    But I must not take the form of Prometheous.

    I will come back with a form of white heron
    A funeral gawoon would wrap me upto neck
    There would be bloody-touch of dusk in horizon
    Which would reflect image of my defeated heart
    Pang of separation shall stir in abstract arena.

    I shall get up on the Roth like coarpse – cot
    My voice would be like injured vultures at pyre place
    I shall be sitting attached to wall of grave like bat
    The soul free of sensualism is indestructible.

    I shall be with the swarm of might faring bied
    And in the stars that dazzle in the sea
    Wherein inquisitive eyes shall gaze at me
    The love becomes immortal by fire of pains.

    End of allurement of talks gives pain most
    The dream changes its empty cover
    Through out the nature of living premise lies
    Wherein the soul erects waves in plot of artistry
    And demolishes with the supreme soul

    (In the language of Lalon: Human character is the origin of Corruption)

    Original: Hasan Shyeedul Islam
    Translated: Chokdar Muhammad Abdus Satter

    Publisher : Hasan Sariful Islam

    All rights reserved by the author. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without permission. Any person who does any unauthorized act in relation to this publication may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages.

    1st Publication 3rd April, 2004 (Bengali)
    2nd Publication 6th June, 2006 (Bengali)
    3rd Publication 9th September, 2007 (English)

    Price : 1 (one) Dollar

    Another book belongs to this author: Nafser Natai
    (A Book in Poetry)


    That Entity directs in the Holy Qur’an
    As `ilef’ conceals in the word la’m
    He remains hidden different ways
    Can we know Him so easily.

    O’ Ye, become Unsensual indifferent
    Call your mother and stand up soon
    And ponder over, look at the present
    Jump in to the abyss, see reality.

    How is that paternity and maternity
    Floats over the oceanic water eternity
    O’ it is the call of Lalon– realize truth
    The house dwells in the House.


    Poetic Frenzy has got appreciations in the universe of poetry. But in essays or in alike literature that have no value. In the literature outside poetry evaluates most the relevancy to the subject, clarity, brevity, vividness, relevancy in description, easy understandability and charmness. The writer or essayist who advance towards writing following those aspects he is likely to be succeeded. We are to bear in mind that, the aim of literature is to attain, “Greatest good for the greatest number”. When one’s literature fails to attain this goal he can not be said to be a successful litterateur “Prova” of Hasan Shyeedul Islam is destined to enliven the future generation and enlighten them.

    Hasan Shyeedul Islam basically is a poet. A basic genius in the world of poetry. No doubt, he is not well-known, evaluated, yet it is true, he has got a mighty hand in poetry. Had he been advancing in favour of the current he would get recognition. He rather preferred to change the current towards well-being. That is why, he has chosen prose as a medium of diffusion of “Prova”. But whoever by nature a poetic entity, he can not get rid of poeticism. As such “Prova” is not open to all.

    “Prova” is an venture entirely new – a fusion between Lalon’s thought and modern scientists’ conceptions. Some know Lalon as Muslim others as Hindu. But nobody can claim that he was not a devout austere – endeavourer fused in the Creator. The author tried to render scientific explanations to Lalon’s thoughts. It would be evaluated by the scientific minded readers. However, we are to recall in mind that science has not reached to perfection yet. Computer science is merely a branch of general science. This science can throw slightest light about
    the universe and other creations of Creators.

    Science can not control men. Science, at best, can provide an accurate idea of vastness of the creations and power of the Creator but can play little role

  • farzana boby

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  • Nice site you’ve got here man, I’m sure this will help a lot of people who are uncertain (or just desperate to read something while they wait for their application result) about how to proceed to applying for the scholarship.

    I’m currently on an undergraduate scholarship myself, so feel free to check out my ramblings @ my own site.

    Peace and good luck to everyone hoping to get a scholarship. Just remember that it could be different from what you’re expecting.

  • sir, i am dr.farzana from bangladesh.i am interested to do phd in pathology.i need a scholarship because i have no ability to do postgraduation without help of u.but i am very much interested to do phd in sir please help me. with thanks.dr farzana boby….

  • Barbara

    Those interested in obtaining the Mobukagakusho Research Scholarship should also check out the preparation material at

    Just would like to share.
    Luck to all!

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    Thanyou for your great help
    my field is far different from yours . I study control engineering and I hope I can possibly get this scholarship. but the thing is that I live in Iran and so you know somehow finding information is such a difficult task. I hope you can possibly help me if you know anyone in my field???
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  • Lars Martinson


    Sorry, I don’t know anyone in engineering. Good luck to you!


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    Awesome! Glad to see more content about the Monbusho Scholarship here!

    Those interested may find more info on the following sources:

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    Hello Saoussane:
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    For anything not written there, your guess is as good as mine. Good luck!

  • A piece of advice for medical doctors who would like to try for a Monbukagakusho scholarship:

    I am myself an MD, and have been living in Japan for 2 years now.

    What I have to say is that, although in the beginning it seems fun, and people treat you as an amazing creature coming from outer space, the fact is that we, the foreigners (or the aliens, as the japanese government officially states), are (as follows):

    1. during work time, obliged to be explored and humiliated, and forced to work 14 hours a day in some laboratories.

    2. during private time, zoo animals that for a miracle of the heavens can speak and walk as bipeds, and reproduce with humans – but not humans. We foreigners are oni (devils) and tengu (big nosed demons). The only real humans are the sons and daughters of the goddess Amaterasu, or as to say, the japanese.

    A foreigner MD will never be considered a doctor here. No matter how long he or she stays (except of course, if we are talking about german doctors, whose feet the japanese will lick).

    Think twice before coming, so that you won’t get trapped in the dilemma of losing your time and your money to leave this shit, or staying to be humiliated.

    P.S.: by the way, check out the video in the website link if you have time. The guy there is not me – he is an Australian guy, unknown to me, but his testimonial on Japan is very honest and impartial (more impartial than I can be, anyhow).

    Take care.

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    First off, thank you so much for taking the time and putting in all the effort into creating this guide! It is an amazing resource in the bewildering MEXT scholarship journey and is much appreciated.

    I am looking into the initial stages and requirements to obtaining this research scholarship and realize a big bump in the road. You mentioned you graduated with magna cum laude. I thought I would see if you knew how critical undergraduate GPA can be in this whole process. Mine isn’t so great but I feel that my approach to school has changed a lot since my undergrad years (7 years ago) and worry that this may haunt my application. Do you know what standards are expected of you in this regard, and is your GPA the end-all be-all to even attempting this process?

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