Departure Stuff

If you’ve read this entry, then you know that I’ve been lucky enough to be accepted to participate in the JET Program for a second time. I have just a month until I board that plane, and have a lot of preparations left to do… my departure has sort of snuck up on me. I have to admit it hasn’t completely sunk in yet.

One thing that’s helped to make the experience seem more real is I just found out where in Japan I’m going to be. I’m about 30-60min outside of Kyoto. I still don’t know exactly where I’ll be or what age groups I’ll be teaching, I gotta say I couldn’t be more delighted with the location. So for all your people who offered to buy me a beer, know that I’m coming to collect!

Oh, one more thing related to my departure: if anyone’s interested in getting a signed/inscribed copy of Tonoharu from me, place those orders now! Once I leave the US I won’t be able to do them for obvious reasons.

More updates to follow in the coming weeks!

  • Congratulations again! I’m in Wakayama-ken, about two hours south of Osaka. I’m sure I’ll come visit Kyoto sometime.

  • Daniel

    Congratulations! I’m French (not the daily visitor but another one) and live in Tokyo where I teach French and art. I discovered your books in Metropolis. But since there’s a French version, could you, please, tell me what the Lezard Noir published in its volume? Did they include part one only or part one and two of Tonoharu?
    I’ve already many Lezard Noir books and they always do a great work.

  • Lars Martinson

    David C–Great, hope to run into you!

    The French edition contains an introduction, both parts one and two, and some French translations of some of the blog entries I wrote about Tonoharu:
    They put together a nice little volume, I have to say!

  • You’ll be in Kameoka, 25 minutes outside of Kyoto, and teaching at 2 jr. high schools and 6 elementary schools every month. Our supervisor just gave us your contact info today (because she just got it yesterday) and then I found you online. Creepy? Why, yes, maybe it is. Also, by “us” I mean me, your predecessor, and the other ALT. I think now is a good time for me to stop.

  • Lars Martinson

    Hey Laurel, thanks for getting in touch, and for the details about my placement! Really looking forward to meeting you all!

  • Who’s that “Daily French visitor” ? is it me ?

  • Lars Martinson

    Must be!

  • Nice :-)