“Tonoharu” in French, Other International Stuff

This is pretty cool: a French translation of Tonoharu: Part One and Two will be published by Le Lezard Noir for release this May! Above is the cover design for the French edition. Some of the translated panels can be found on Le Lezard Noir’s blog:


As previously blogged about, the Tokyo-based magazine Metropolis ran a cover story about Tonoharu last month. Editor James Hatfield was kind enough to send me a copy of the print version, which looks pretty snazzy:

The article can be found online here.


And finally Hashi, a Finnish magazine devoted to Japanese culture, ran a translation of some blog entries I wrote about East Asian calligraphy. It’s an absolutely gorgeous magazine, with a lot of really interesting looking articles; I sure wish I could read Finnish! Thanks to editor Mirja Paatero for translating/including my inane rants!

The original blog entries can be found (in English!) starting here.


*Reminder* Until the end of the month (March 2011), I’m donating the profits from Paypal sales of Tonoharu: Part One and Two to the Red Cross, to help with the earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan. (Details here)

So far I’ve sold four books, with a total of $62 donated to the Red Cross (my thanks to those who ordered!). I think it’d be cool to get that total up to at least $100, so if you’ve always wanted a copy of Tonoharu, please consider making that purchase now! Otherwise, please consider donating directly to the charity of your choice. Thanks!

  • Chris

    That French cover design is gorgeous. Bet it would look great blown up as a poster.

  • Ah, I agree with Chris, the french cover is beautiful. I hope the translation will be good too. I will be one of the first to buy it.

  • Lars Martinson

    Thanks La Fabriquerie! Btw, I still intend to do that interview thing, maybe later this month; sorry for the delay, I’ve been busy!

  • La Fabriquerie

    I understand. You can skip some answers if you want (^.^;). It would be perfect for the release of the French edition.