Tonoharu: Part Two–Progress Report #4

Progress Bar Key
Manuscript/Story: The Story/Script for the comic
Artwork: The Drawing, Inking, and Computer Work for the comic
Final Edits/Incidentals: Post-Production Edits, Designing the Cover, Preparing for Press, etc.

(More information about Tonoharu can be found here.) 

Hurray! The artwork for Tonoharu: Part Two is now more than 4/5ths done! I’ve rounded third and am heading for home!

After I finish the final 15% of the artwork, there’s still post-production edits and incidentals, but I don’t anticipate them to take as long as for Tonoharu: Part One. For that book, practically every single panel went through significant graphical edits (as outlined in this blog entry), and it took months and months of tedious work.

But I’ve improved my batting average since then, so for Part Two, I’ll probably edit some panels in this manner, but not nearly as many. I’m thinking maybe 25%-50% of the panels will go under the knife (hopefully on the lower end of that). We’ll see how effectively I can curtail my perfectionist instincts.

I’m anticipating a late 2010 release. I’ll keep you posted…

We’ll bring this entry to a close with a couple fun facts about this book:

  • It contains over 40% more pages of comics than the first book. If it had been the same length, I’d already be done with it.
  • When I first started planning Tonoharu, I wanted to do a mid-length graphic novel, just to get my feet wet with longer narratives (the longest comic I had done before that was about 60 pages). I was shooting for 150 pages, or 200 pages TOPS. Flash forward to today, and Tonoharu is now 210 pages, and not even halfway done. Oh well.

I’m promised some more artwork samples from Tonoharu: Part Two with this progress report, and will post those next week. So stay tuned!