“Tonoharu: Part Two” Artwork Preview–City Scenes

In creating Tonoharu, one of my main objectives was to faithfully portray Japan as I experienced it during my three year tenure as an assistant English teacher in the JET Program.

Tonoharu: Part One took place almost exclusively in rural areas. In Part Two, city scenes start to pop up for the first time. So I thought for this artwork preview, I’d show a few of those panels:

It was fun to draw different settings from Part One, but at the same time, city scenes are horribly complicated, meaning every panel took that much longer to draw. The above images probably explain better than words why Part Two is taking so long to draw… I’ll finish it eventually…

I’ll probably have another artwork preview when I write the next progress report a few months from now. In the meantime, this entry has artwork from some of Tonoharu: Part Two‘s action scenes.

  • Chris

    Those are great… I’m also a JET alum (probably one of many following Tonoharu), who taught in Toyama, but frequently made it to the bigger cities. The book feels so personal, and yet is so much strange fun at the same time. Thanks for sharing these panels.

  • JAEL

    hi Lars!

    It’s me Jael…I added you to facebook .
    I wanted to congratulate you for all the projects and works you’re working on, I would love to see what are you learning in calligraphy and improving your line work.
    I recently took an introductory japanese calligraphy class in my country, and I’m looking for names or works by japanese calligraphy artists…maybe you could help me, I want to see more examples of art…

    thank you
    may all the success be with you


  • Dad

    Wow, looks great!

  • Al

    I love the complexity of these scenes. Amazing stuff, Lars. Looking forward to part 2.