Tokyo Calligraphy Show

In addition to the Tokushima show I wrote about last week, I also participated in a show in Tokyo this week. That’s right, two shows in as many weeks, check me out! (Though literally hundreds of people were accepted for the Tokyo one, so don’t be too impressed.)

Rather than upload my photos of the event here, I’ll just direct interested parties to the Facebook album I made for it:

  • HA

    I’m reading with great interest your entries in regard to calligraphy and the weird and wacky world of Japanese snacks. What is your take on Takashi Murakami for whom the brushwork is discouraged in the work that is produced under his direction?

    Its also interesting to contrast your study into calligraphy with your book which does make use of washes.

  • Lars Martinson

    Takahashi Murakami is all right. But from a calligraphic perspective his work is a little too busy, which defuses the power of the lines.

    But actually, my work suffers from the same shortcoming. In the future, I hope to do less crosshatching and more ink washes for the backgrounds of my comics.