Hold Me If I’m Dying, And Vice Versa, Okay?

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A collection of some marvelously horrible video game voice acting. I “L.O.L.”ed.


On an unrelated note, I get a ton of spam comments that I have to moderate. Most are just a bunch of links to elicit sites, but sometimes they make an effort to disguise them as legitimate comments. Here’s one that came in recently for some loan site:

I had a dream to start my own company, but I did not have got enough amount of cash to do this. Thank goodness my close dude suggested to use the loan. Therefore I took the auto loan and realized my dream.

None of my close dudes ever offer me financial advice. Damn jerks.

  • Dad

    Reminds me of the Movie “Beer Drinkers Guide to Film Making.” I never realized how much I take for granted in professionally made movies until I saw that. It was terrible on so many levels I couldn’t believe it.