Shodo Performance Rehearsal


I’m over the cold/flu/whatever that knocked me out last week, but this week I’ve been really busy with grant applications and rehearsals for a calligraphy performance I’m participating in. So I’m going to have to postpone the planned East Asian calligraphy entry for the forth time…

But since I just know readers are champing at the bit to read more East Asian calligraphy-related blog entries, I thought I’d use this entry to show a few photos of a rehearsal for the aforementioned performance:

A huge brush, next to a cell phone for scale

In addition to calligraphy brushes, we also use makeshift brushes, such as these two made out of bamboo, twine, and towels.

Everything has to be written on these big blue tarps, so that paint and ink don’t get on the ground. We’re using cinder blocks to weigh them down. (Anything lighter and they buckle up in strong winds.)

The yellow towel brush in action.

And the large calligraphy brush .


 The performance is a part of a university cultural festival tomorrow. Maybe I’ll write about it, maybe not, we’ll see…