First Printing of Tonoharu: Part One–Almost Sold Out!

I just received word from my distribution partner Top Shelf Productions that the first printing of Tonoharu: Part One is almost sold out!

A second printing is in the works, but due to the time it takes to produce a hardcover book, Tonoharu: Part One may be unavailable in stores for a couple/few weeks. So those who want a copy in the very near future (or those who want a first edition) should get it from their favorite retailer now!

 Or if you can’t find it anywhere else, you can always buy a copy directly from me.

A big thanks to all those who helped to make the first printing of Tonoharu: Part One a success: the folks at the Xeric Foundation, Chris, Brett and Leigh from Top Shelf, the blogs and publications that give it coverage, my friends and family, and especially to the people that bought a copy! Whether my foolhardy dream of eking out a living as a cartoonist will pan out over the long haul still remains to be seen, but I’ve off a good start, and can’t begin to express my thanks to those who helped me get to where I am today.

This is a short entry, but since I’m busy prepping the second printing, I’ll leave it at this. Tune in next Friday for a new web comic.

  • Al

    That’s awesome.

    Oh, and am I just completely juvenile, or does that “yippie” panel kind of make it look like you’re farting?

    Sorry. I’m just a big dumb kid.

  • Lars Martinson

    No, I’ve had a couple people make that comment. And the funny thing is, I’ve used that “yippie” illustration a few different times now, whenever I had good news to blog about but was too lazy to draw a new celebratory picture. One of these days I’ll have to draw a new one I guess…


  • Congrats Lars!