• Kara

    Well, you’re not the first…

  • MH

    Tsukemono is totally safe for the trash. It will dry out, but will not stink at all.

    The pink ones in the bentos aint so great, but the fresh ones at the super market are out of sight.

  • Al

    That’s hilarious.

    They serve those at Tampopo Noodle Cafe in lowertown Saint Paul. I don’t like pickles (the cucumber variety), but I actually do like those neon pink things. Maybe because I’m eating them in a Japanese restaurant and I expect unfamiliar tastes.

  • Wow, please do more of these!

  • Lars Martinson

    Glad you enjoyed this, gang! I preparing another one to go up in two weeks.


  • Cherie

    Oh, Lars. You made me laugh so hard I almost peed.

  • Ate these yesterday. Not so bad.

  • HAHAHAHAHA! I’m an ALT in the JET Program currently and I know this situation EXACTLY. I’m sitting at my desk right now in the teachers’ room as I type this…

    The Tonoharu book (part I) was absolutely dead on accurate about life in Japan as an ALT. In fact, I think I’m going to go advertise on my blog right now.

    P.S. RAHS represent!

  • Lars Martinson

    Thanks Luther, glad you enjoyed it!

  • Eugene

    I kind of like the pink pickled things.

  • Sarah Humphrey

    Nice. Even though I happen to like those weird inexplicably pink things. : )