“Young Men of a Certain Mind” Preview (4/4)

(This comic is available on the iBookstore. Click here to buy.)

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To introduce this final installment of the preview of Young Men of a Certain Mind, I want to briefly write about the way I formatted the iBooks version of the comic, cuz I’m pretty proud of it.

For the most part, the original print version of Young Men of a Certain Mind was comprised of uniform panels, four to a page:

So transferring it to a smartphone-sized screen was pretty easy, since (coincidentally) each panel happened to be the right size for that.

However, on a handful of pages, I used double-wide panels like the one at the bottom of this image:

That doesn’t work well on a smartphone-sized screen. So what I did was I altered those double-wide panels so they appear as two separate panels. Here are the two separated images when viewed on an iPhone screen:

(Also added in a little walking dude on the panel on the left, and altered the thought balloons. Yup, I’m the George Lucas of alternative comics.)

So that’s all fine and good for the small iPhone screen, but what about when you view it on a larger iPad, which has the screen real estate to show the double wide panels? Let’s take a look:

As you can see, it shows up as the original image.  I set up the file so that if you view it on an iPad, you get the wide original images, and if you view it on an iPhone, you get the optimized, smartphone screen sized images. Cool huh? I mean, okay, it’s not rocket science or anything, but it took me a long time to figure out how to get that to work, and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.


And with that, here’s the last part of the Young Men of a Certain Mind preview:

And that concludes the preview! The remaining 30 panels will remain exclusive to the pay versions (at least for the time being). So if you want to see how this thrilling, heart-pounding story ends (or you just want to support this humble cartoonist), please consider purchasing this comic in either a digital or analog format:

The comic is available in HD on the iBookstore for 99-cents:
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Or you can buy the original print comic in my STORE for $5ppd. (Or Big Brain Comics in Minneapolis probably has a few copies still in stock (I think)).

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Thanks to everyone who read this far! See you next time!

  • mike z

    wow. someone got heart-broken!!! i am the scissors dude. hoping im not on your “hitlist” lars! ha