• Jordan

    When I was studying there, I brought with me this Mighty Mouse shirt. I didn’t really expect much from it, but EVERYONE in Japan seems to know this character. After that, the Japanese students just called me Mighty Mouse. Ah, good times.

  • Jordan

    Also, I just finished Tonoharu Vol. 1. I thought it was exceptional. It really captures that “feeling” that Japan gives someone when visiting or living there. When I was there I had this “feeling” and could never really describe it, but parts of Tonoharu are that “feeling” on a page, and I really commend you on your ability to bring that to life.

    Any word on Volume 2 ? :)

  • Lars Martinson

    Thanks for the kind words, Jordan!

    Funny you should ask about part two, because I’m just finishing up a blog entry about my progress, which will go up tomorrow. So, er, check it out!


  • Sarah Humphrey

    Ha! Illogically logical cultural generalizations are my favorite.

  • ruby

    it was very boring