Visual Novel Design Doc

colorsample1Above: Preliminary art for my planned visual novel project. (Ignore the weird placeholder text.)

In a previous blog entry, I posted a video explaining what visual novels are and why I’d like to try making them.¬†About a month after that, I posted a video of my first attempt at a visual novel, a Twilight Zone-esque short story entitled The Grandfather Paradox.

Making The Grandfather Paradox convinced me that I need to collaborate with a programmer from here on out, so I’ve gone ahead and made a document intended to explain to potential programmers what I want to do. You can view it here:

So… yeah. It’s pretty long, and probably not an interesting read. It’s basically intended to be a blueprint for how I want the visual novel to work on a technical level; nothing more, nothing less. But feel free to quickly scroll through and look at the screenshots, that could maybe be mildly interesting, I suppose.

Now that I have a design doc that explains what I want to do, the next step is trying to recruit a programmer. I feel a bit out of my depth; I’ve never really collaborated on an artistic project, having created Tonoharu pretty much all by myself. If any programmers (or people who have collaborated with programmers) have any advice, please let me know!

Related: Here’s a post I made on a Ren’Py forum: (“Ren’Py” being a popular program people use for visual novel development): 

It includes a bit more information if anyone’s interested (though again, it’s still pretty dry reading).