“Tonoharu: Part Two” is DONE!

Progress Bar Key
Story/Artwork: The Story, Drawing, Inking, and Computer Work
Final Edits: Post-Production Edits
Incidentals: Designing the Cover, Preparing for Press, etc.

I’m please to announce that Tonoharu: Part Two is, for all intents and purposes, finally DONE! I’ll need to make little changes once I talk to the printer and find out the spine width and stuff (hence the 5% still missing from the Incidentals bar). But other than that, it’s all ready for release.

It feels weird that I don’t have to work on it anymore. Tonoharu: Part Two has become a part of my routine; for almost three years, I’ve worked on it daily, usually for hours at a stretch. It’d be like if someone told you that you had completed the task of “brushing your teeth”, and didn’t have to do it again for the rest of your life.

Now that Tonoharu: Part Two is all wrapped up, I’m going to ramp up pre-publication marketing, and start talking with printers. There are also a few other projects I’ve been meaning to get in some work on, which I’ll write about some other time. And then I can always get started on Tonoharu: Part Three (sigh).

Next week I’ll posting artwork from one of the book’s hardest-to-draw scenes. Stay tuned!

More about Tonoharu: Part Two can be found here:

  • N

    Can’t wait to buy the copy! Aichan is also excited about it. She doesn’t know much English though. I think she loves the way you draw Japanese scenery.

  • jg

    part 1 & 2 bundle deal?

  • Lars Martinson

    N– Hopefully someday there will be a Japanese translation she can read (^_^)

    jg– I haven’t thought about that, good idea! When it gets a little closer to release I’ll have to crunch the numbers and see if I can’t come up with something…

  • DVC

    Really looking forward to this, Lars!