“Tonoharu: Part Two” in Publishers Weekly

This week Tonoharu: Part Two received a paragraph-long review in Publishers Weekly, an important industry mag!

Warning: contains a few spoilers:
Publishers Weekly Review of Tonoharu: Part Two

It almost reads more like a synopsis than a review; I’m honestly not sure if the reviewer liked the book or not. (Though I do like that they described my art style as “fanatically cross-hatched”.)

But either way, Publishers Weekly is one of the book trade’s most important publications, so it’s great coverage to get. My thanks to “PW staff”* for the writeup!

*That’s how the by-line credits them; no reference to the name(s) of the actual reviewer(s). I guess that’s to protect their anonymity against disgruntled authors.

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  • Looks like a good write up to me! BTW, I’m loving Part 1 so far.

  • Lars Martinson


    (Publisher’s Weekly is one of the publications you’ll want to send an advance copy of your graphic novel to, btw; others are listed in the “Self Publishing Manual”.)

  • Thanks for the heads up. I’m powering through the Self Publishing Manual right now. It’s very helpful and I can see why you suggest it.