Tonoharu: Part Two–Progress Report #6

Progress Bar Key
Story/Artwork: The Story, Drawing, Inking, and Computer Work
Final Edits: Post-Production Edits
Incidentals: Designing the Cover, Preparing for Press, etc.

(More information about Tonoharu can be found here.)

I am delighted to report that the final edits for “Tonoharu: Part Two” are now halfway done!

As readers may recall, I started these edits about five weeks ago. My progress may not seem too fast, but it’s a HUGE improvement over the first book.

Other than the edits, all that’s left is the front cover/dust jacket. Now that I have a good sense of how long the edits will take, the cover is the biggest wild card.

I feel like I’m pretty far along on it (a lot further than the above “12%” would suggest) but experience has taught me that the cover always takes longer than I think, so I decided to put a conservative estimate on my progress for that.

I’ll probably take a break from edits to devote more time to finishing up the cover, so I can use it for promotion. Hopefully I’ll have something I can show within the next couple/few weeks, so stay tuned!