Tonoharu: Part Two–Coming this November!

At long last, I’m ready to commit to a concrete release period for Tonoharu: Part Two! The book will be out by November of this year.

I know this is probably later than you’d hope; it only barely makes my self-imposed deadline of “sometime this year”, and is a far cry from “late summer”, a release period I had brandished about before.

But after seeing how long things were taking to finish up, and realizing I needed to ramp up prepublication marketing at least few months before the book actually came out, November emerged as the earliest I could reasonably put the book out.

Depending on how things go, I may have copies by October; we’ll see how things progress. Any updates will be posted to this site, so stay tuned!

  • Neil Johnson

    How will I be able to get a copy of this? Will you be selling it on Amazon, or just through this site? I’ve been anxiously awaiting Volume Two since I bought volume one after Al Nowatzki told me about it.

  • Chris

    Dude – that’s gerat news. Really looking forward to it. We gonna get that cover sneak peek sometime soon?

  • Lars Martinson

    Neil: It will *probably* be available through this site sometime in October, and then through Amazon and bookstores in November.

    Chris: I’m working on the cover now, and should be able to post a near-complete draft of it sometime this month!