Japanese Snack Review: Mayo Squid Chips

Product Name: Mayoi-ka
Manufacturer: Yamaei
Retail Price: 105 yen (approx. USD$1)

Certain flavors just go together. Peanut butter & jelly, sour cream & chives, coffee & doughnuts… and now thanks to Japanese snack manufacturer Yamaei, we can add a new combination to the pantheon: squid & mayonnaise.

How could no one have thought of it before? The marketing campaign practically writes itself, a la those old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup ads. “Hey, you got squid on my mayonnaise!” “Hey, you got mayonnaise on my squid!” American snack manufacturers, snap this one up before it’s too late.

The packaging, as shown above, is pretty ho-hum, with the exception of the bitchin’ illustration:

It should be noted that unlike in the U.S.A., where mayonnaise usually comes in jars, in Japan it comes in skinny plastic bottles like this:

This is fortunate for the illustration, because you couldn’t really have a squid riding a rocket-powered mayonnaise jar. That would just be stupid. The aerodynamics would be all off.

I was expecting the worst, but really they weren’t all that bad. They just had a mild mayonnaise flavor, actually; I couldn’t really detect any hint of squid (though it did smell just a little fishy). If fried mayonnaise chips sound good to you, then this is your product. If not, then… what’s wrong with you? Who wouldn’t want to eat fried mayonnaise chips?