Interviews in City Pages, Fukuoka Now

Pictured: Detail of an self-portrait done for Fukuoka Now

I had planned to skip this week’s blog entry because I’m busy preparing presentations, but coincidentally two interviews with me just went live yesterday, so I figured I could link to them in lieu of my weekly entry:

First off, the Minneapolis weekly mag City Pages named me as one of their top 100 Creatives in the Twin Cities. Neat! An interview with me can be found over at their “Dressing Room” blog:

Secondly, Fukuoka Now, the monthly magazine for expats living in Fukuoka, Japan, named me as their “Gekkan Gaijin” (i.e. “foreigner of the month”) for February! A lengthy interview with me can be found over at their website:

Thanks to Jessica Armbruster at City Pages, and Nick Szasz & Alanna Schubach at Fukuoka Now for the coverage, and the great interview questions!