French “Tonoharu” Book Trailer

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This is the third entry I’ve written about the French edition of Tonoharu in as many months, which is probably overkill since this blog averages about one French visitor a day.

But the above book trailer my French publisher Le Lezard Noir commisioned is just so cool (and presumably of interest to non-French speakers) I just had to link to it. Many thanks to graphic artist Cindy Bertet for putting it together!

Oh, and if you happen to be that one-a-day French person, you might be interested to know that the French edition of Tonoharu is now available! So pick it up at or wherever fine comics are sold!

Reviews and more information about the book can be found over at Le Lezard Noir‘s blog (in French, of course).


Oh, and one last thing: I’ll be at SpringCon this weekend, May 21st and 22nd 2011. Details here. Come out if you can!

  • Thôt

    Yay! My comicbook seller will see me soon… Since I never use Amazon anyway!
    I may be the french visitor you were talking about (don’t know if rss feed counts), and I can assure you that specialized magazines seems enthousiastic about your book, as seen on the Lezard Noir’s blog !
    Le Lézard noir is a small editor, but you sure know that it a very good one, so I hope Tonoharu will get as much public attention as it must! (which is a big lot!)

  • Lars Martinson

    Hey Thôt–Thanks a bunch! I hope you enjoy the book!

  • Hi Lars, i love this trailer. I agree with Thôt, and i’m impatient to read Tono’ in french.

  • Vodka Pasta Rap Band

    OMG that really is a stunning marketing piece! Congratz!

  • Andrei

    Hello Lars,
    Today my Tounoharu amazon package arrived and I’ve just finished the first part and wanted to tell you how much I liked it.
    Aside from the very real story (I could actually see me as Dan heh) I really really like the art style. It’s very detailed and very easy on the eye.
    I also like that you’ve put Japanese into it, I am taking lessons once a week, of course I wasn’t able to understand most of it, but I think this is exactly the position the character’s in your comic were in. It makes it easy to identify with them even more!

    I hope there will be more soon, looking forward to part 2 and on. Keep up the good work and much success to you!

  • Lars Martinson

    Hey everyone, thanks for the kind words! (^^)