Don’t Piss Off Zac Efron

I spotted this ad in the paper yesterday. Looks like pretty standard “tug-at-the-heartstrings” fare, but this one quote stood out for me:

Maybe it’s the phrase, or maybe it’s the no-nonsense sans-serif typestyle, or maybe it’s the fact that they bolded “WILL MELT YOUR HEART” in all caps, but I just can’t help but read it as a threat.

No, Zac Efron, please noooooo!!!

  • DVC

    I’m still trying to figure out who this guy is . . . AND WHY HE WANTS TO STOP MY BEATING HEART!!! ; )

  • oh fug- this made me laugh like a mad thing to myself. thank you. i imagine the heart melting happening like an early 80’s pre-cg badly done horror flick. stupid and awesome.