• Jael

    Hi! Lars

    the comic strip really made me laugh….although, if a guy said to me – you don’t have eyelashes!- I’d be really sad and mad to the unrespectfull individual…
    Eyelashes are a beauty icon!! and a MUST for a girl!
    hahahaha xD

    I have read all of your blog entries about how did you get the Monbusho, and there’s nothing in the web compared to the information you give!!
    It’s been really helpful for me, since I want to apply for an Art-related research program too!!
    I’m going for Nihonga painting…

    I was wondering if I could get some critics and comments by you on my research project? if you are not so busy…
    youre opinion it’s important to me, since you’re an artist too, and a great one.


    ps: we are facebook friends too ^-^

  • Lars Martinson

    Hey there Jael,

    Unfortunately I really busy right now, so I don’t really have time to help you. Sorry! :-(

    But actually, I’ve written most of my thoughts about the Monbusho Scholarship on this blog, so if you’ve read all of that, you pretty much know what I know. For anything not included on my blog, your guess is as good as mine… :-/

    Best of luck to you!


  • Jael

    oh, I see…
    well, thank you anyways you have help me a lot!

    good luck ans success on your exhibition!