Tonoharu: Part Two—NOW AVAILABLE!

I just got copies of Tonoharu: Part Two in over the weekend, and would be delighted to exchange them for your hard-earned cash! Be one of the first to get a copy, weeks before they’re available in stores!

The cost is $19.95 USD, plus shipping ($2.38 to USA, $5.01 to Canada, and $10.76 to anywhere in the rest of the world). MN residents pay 7.125% sales tax. To order, click on the “buy now” button (you’ll need either a credit card or a Paypal account).

One more thing: By default, I’ll sign all copies and include a little doodle. If you’d prefer your copy unsigned, or would like it made out to someone or whatever, click on the “Add special instructions to the seller” link on the checkout page:

And then type your instructions into the text box that appears:

That should do it. Please share this entry on twitter/facebook/wherever to get the word out! Thanks!

  • DVC

    Whoo hoo! Now where’s the tee shirt? ; )

  • Lars Martinson

    Yup, it’s time to kick off my merchandising empire… (cough, cough). Maybe in a few months??

  • Was great to meet you in Minneapolis Lars!
    And then I was back to Fukuoka the next day,
    guzzen ne.
    I liked Tonoharu a lot, and felt bad that I could not give you my book in return – gomen na sai!

  • Lars Martinson

    No big deal; gotta take those sales when they come. It was good to meet you, though!

  • anne

    Awesome! I just randomly remembered that I was waiting for part two to be done, and lo and behold, it exists!

  • Lars Martinson

    Thanks for your order Anne! I’ll mail it off to you tomorrow!

  • Christi R

    I just picked up the first volume and read it cover to cover, can’t wait to read the second! You’ve got a brilliant style and anyone who collaborates with Chris Ware is とてもかっこいい in my book. :)

    Ps.I’m shipping out to Japan this spring to teach English, so this series is very pertinent to my interests.

  • Lars Martinson

    Thanks for the kind words, Christi! Though I should mention in the interest of accuracy that I’ve never actually collaborated with Chris Ware; he was kind enough to talk with me about book production once prior to the release of “Tonoharu: Part One”, but that’s it.

    Good luck in Japan!