Tonoharu: Part Two–Progress Report #5

Progress Bar Key
Story/Artwork: The Story, Drawing, Inking, and Computer Work
Final Edits: Post-Production Edits
Incidentals: Designing the Cover, Preparing for Press, etc.

(More information about Tonoharu can be found here.)

Hurray! The artwork for Tonoharu: Part Two is finally done! The whole book now exists in a complete, readable state! All that’s left now are some final edits and the cover, and then it will be totally done.

For Tonoharu: Part One, the final edits were a real ordeal, and took months of dedicated work. Almost all the panels in the first book underwent significant cosmetic edits (as described here). Thankfully I’ve developed into a more consistent artist since then, so  Part Two won’t require nearly as much of these sorts of changes.

So when will Tonoharu: Part Two be out? I’m thinking fall or winter of this year. Maybe late summer, but probably not. We’ll see how quickly the final edits progress once I really get started on them. Updates on my progress will be posted here in the coming months, so stay tuned.

Next week I’ll post a few new sample panels from the book.

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