Japan Relief Odds and Ends

Regular readers may recall that for the second half of March, I donated all Paypal profits for copies of Tonoharu sold to the Red Cross, to benefit Japan earthquake/tsunami relief. The promotion ended yesterday. I sold ten books, for a total of $155 going to the Red Cross. My thanks to all those who purchased books during that period!

So that ends that, but I’m still involved in a couple another relief efforts:

1) The JET Alumni Association of Minnesota will be holding a benefit for Japan on Saturday, April 16th at Moto-I Sake Bar in Uptown Minneapolis. All proceeds will go to the JETAA USA Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. All the details can be found here:

2) My friend Adam Pasion is creating a comics/art anthology called Aftershock: Artists Respond to Disaster in Japan, with proceeds going to Japan relief. I’ll be contributing something. I’ll update with more details when I have them, but in the meantime, check out the website:

That’ll do it for now. Peace!