Media Roundup: Top Ten Lists

Not much this time around. Just wanted to mention that Tonoharu: Part One made a few top ten lists for 2008, including that of Booklist magazine. (Yes, this is very timely announcement.)

Top Ten Lists
Booklist / Ray Olsen
Unattended Baggage / Marc (No last name listed)
PLAYBACK:stl / Steve Higgins

OtakuGeneration Podcast / Review begins roughly 40% into the podcast.
Kliatt / George Galuschak

High-Low / Rob Clough wrote a top fifty favorite comics of 2008 list, and even then I still only managed to get an honorable mention. Ah well.

As always, thanks to everyone who took the time to review my work! If you’d like to see all the coverage Tonoharu has received to date (that I’m aware of), check out my press releases/coverage page.