Media Coverage Roundup

Pictured: Morikami-sensei, and Yours Truly

I haven’t done a “Media Coverage Roundup” since August, so I figured it was about time for another one.

My graphic novel Tonoharu: Part One has been out for a while now, and the effects of my initial marketing push have died down. So there hasn’t been a massive amount of coverage since last time. But there still were a few notable pieces:

*** As you probably gathered from the scan at the top of this entry, I was recently covered in a Japanese newspaper. Tokushima Shinbun wrote an article about my comics and Japanese Calligraphy research at Shikoku University. This is the first Japanese coverage I’ve ever gotten (that I’m aware of), so it was fun to see. For those who can read Japanese, the article can be read online here, or a virtually incomprehensible Google Translate English translation can be found here.

*** Tonoharu: Part One was reviewed in the October 2008 issue of the venerable Comics Journal (issue #293). The review doesn’t appear to be online, but if you’d like to pay a little over ten bucks to get your hands on it, here’s the link. The review is mixed, but overall is fairly positive. Reviewer Bill Randall begins by saying he wants to buy me a beer, which is how all reviews for Tonoharu should begin.

*** Finally, Brandon & Tim (couldn’t find their last names anywhere) chatted about my book on their podcast Deconstructing Comics. This is, to my knowledge, the first (and so far only) non-text coverage I’ve ever received. I’ve grown accustomed to reading complete stranger’s opinions about my work, but listening to complete strangers talk about it was a little weird/unsettling; more visceral, or something.

They had mixed feelings about the book, and conclude by giving it “two thumbs sideways”. Oh well. Click here for the mp3. They start off discussing a different graphic novel (Alex Robinson’s Too Cool to be Forgotten), so they don’t get into Tonoharu until the 14:30 mark.

Below is all the other coverage that me and my book have received since August of this year. (At least that I’m aware of; if you now of something that I’ve missed, please let me know!) Many thanks to all the reporters and bloggers who took time to cover me!

Interviews and Profiles
Tokushima Shinbun (in Japanese)
Fukuoka Now (Halfway down the page)

Reviews of Tonoharu: Part One / Kiki Anderson
Re: Print / Chris Barsanti / Chloe Ferguson
Deconstructing Comics / Brandon and Tim (Podcast–coverage of Tonoharu begins at 14:30)
Comics Worth Reading / Johanna Draper Carlson

Offline Coverage
The Comics Journal #293 / Review by Bill Randall, pp. 131

For a complete list of all the coverage I’ve gotten (that I know of), check out my Press Releases and Coverage page.

That’ll do it for this week!