Me on TV

Hey Minnesotans! I’m going to be appearing on an upcoming episode of Minnesota Original, a series about Minnesota artists produced by Twin Cities Public Television!

The episode that includes the segment with me will air on channel 2 this coming Thursday, 4/28/2011, at 7:30PM and on Friday 4/29/2011 at 1:30AM. So, check it out!

**UPDATE** I’ll be having a little viewing party at 3 Monkey’s Pub and Grub starting at 7pm on Thursday; come out if you can! Details here:

Otherwise, it will be available online eventually as well (maybe the same day it airs?) at . I’ll let you know when it’s up.

This is the first time I’ve ever been on tv, so I’m anxious to see how it turned out. I’ll probably come off as a moron. Also, remember the camera adds ten pounds, *cough cough*!


Speaking of making an ass of myself, the good folks at the Geek Report were kind enough to have me on their podcast recently. You can listen to it here: or on iTunes. My segment comes on at about the 11 minute mark.

Thanks for having me on, guys! I had a blast!

  • N

    Hey, that’s cool!
    I’ll definitely watch the show online.
    I wish I could watch it on my SUPER WIDE SCREEN TV… :-p

  • DVC

    Cool beans, Lars.

    Also, I read Tom Horgen’s review of Tonoharu Book II in Sunday’s Star and Tribune, and that has definitely gotta earn you some points with the hipsters who have reached escape velocity and are now seeking a more settled lifestyle a la moi : )

    P.S. Where ya gonna have the T.V. party at? It would be nice to have a little hometown bar for just such an occasion, but that’s a category which Lauderdale and the near-neighborhoods sorely lacks : (