Interesting Inking Technique

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Comics are big business here in Japan, which has led to standardization in their creation and distribution. The vast majority are the same size, and in black & white. Even artistically, they’re pretty homogenized (within their respective genres). All boys comics look the same, all girls comics look the same… even “weird” comics all tend to look weird in the same way.

One thing I like about American “alternative” (i.e. “non-superhero”) comics is that they are obscure enough that a standardized way of creating them has never really emerged. This forces every cartoonist to reinvent the wheel, but it’s good in that it leads to a lot of artistic diversity; much more so than in Japan, even though comics are a million times more popular here.

Apropo of all that, the above clip is probably the weirdest inking method I’ve ever seen. Does that guy really draw all his comics that way? I dunno, but it’s pretty cool.

Via Neatorama

  • JAEL

    omg! that’s pretty amazing! I should try it…
    must not be easy, it looks like the guy is quite trained in the technique…

    thank you