Hurray! I got the Monbusho!


As my loyal readers (all three of you) may recall, several months ago I wrote about my application for a Monbusho Research Scholarship to study in Japan [Link to that entry]. Hoping that the Monbusho would become a big part of my life and that I’d eventually write numerous entries about it, I even gave “Monbusho Scholarship” its own blog category, as you can see to the left of this entry.

For months one lone entry inhibited the “Monbusho” category, because for months I knew nothing new to report. The application process was long and there seemed to be no end in sight. But just this week, I received final confirmation that my bid for a Monbusho Scholarship was successful! Yippie!

I’ll be leaving for Japan in April, for a period of two years. I’ll be living in Tokushima City, studying at Shikoku University. This is an incredible opportunity, and I can’t say how thrilled I am to have been selected.

As I mentioned in the first entry about the Monbusho Scholarship, I intend to write in detail about the application process and my approach to it, in the hopes that such an account might be useful to future applicants. But it’ll probably be at least a couple months or so before I get to that, so interested parties should check back later this year for that.

So now I gotta start getting ready to go to Japan–I’ve only got six weeks to get everything in order. Yikes!

In other news, I’ve just recently gotten copies of Tonoharu: Part One in. An entry about that, as well as details on how to purchase it, will come next week.

  • kelly

    You deserve this and the Xeric grant because your hard work and dedication is second to none.
    I can’t wait to buy a copy of Tonoharu from you and talk everyone I know into geting one too.

  • Alexandra

    Congratulations! Now don’t be a stranger and call me before you go. :)

  • Well done! Looking forward to details of your new life over there.

  • Lars Martinson

    Thanks for the kind words, gang! I’ll make sure to see my (Minneapolis-based) friends at least one more time before I go (hopefully more often, if possible).


  • saeid

    Congratulations! I am really happy for that, I am applying now through university and I will know the result by July.
    Enjoy Japan

  • “Former P.G. contributor Lars Martinson began working on his first graphic novel last year, and the finished product, “Tonoharu” has now arrived with advance copies available from Martinson directly at:

    National distribution is being handled by Top Shelf via Diamond.

    Self-published by Martinson’s Pliant Press, Tonoharu is a four-part graphic novel that tells the story of a group of foreigners living in Fukuoka-ken, Japan. It was informed by the author’s three year experience as an assistant English teacher through the Japanese Government-sponsored JET Program.

    Martinson received the Xeric Award for his work on Tonoharu, and more recently was the recipient of the Monbusho Scholarship.”

    Congratulations, Lars!